Costa 269: Home To The Croffle, Love Child Of The Croissant And Waffle

Last Updated: December 29, 2016

Written by Ynez Wahab

Costa 269-1

The latest outlet to open in the Costa Coffee Chain, Costa 269 is located at Holland Village near a whole stretch of other cafes. What makes this particular branch so unique from the others is the special all-day brunch menu, which is prepared fresh daily using the hot kitchen that the outlet is equipped with.

Cafe goers looking for a wholesome brunch should definitely check out the classic breakfast options that are made on the spot upon request.

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Presenting the interior of Costa 269 — not your typical coffee chain outlet, Costa 269 boasts a stunning two-storey space for cafe goers to lounge in.

The second level in particular is beautifully decorated with hip wall decor, cozy armchairs and wooden tables. Hunch over your brunch with a nice view if you manage to snag a seat near the window at the far end.

Costa 269-2

Aside from the brunch offerings, another highlight of Costa 269 is the amazing Croffle creation. Essentially a croissant-waffle hybrid, the Croffle combines the best of two breakfast favourites.

With the flaky and buttery crescent-shaped croissant moulded into a waffle-like texture, it really doesn’t get any better than this mash-up.

Not only does it come with many layers like a traditional croissant, it also has crisp edges as a result of being pressed in the waffle maker.

Costa 269-4

The Great Croffle Fry-Up ($17)

Inspired by the classic English breakfast, The Great Croffle Fry-Up is everything you could ask for in a full breakfast. With a premium beef sausage made from ground beef, a wonderful sunny-side-up and a side of sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and onions, this dish was a great balance of sweet and savoury.

Freshly-baked from scratch, the crisp Croffle tasted much lighter than the waffle and croissant in their standalone form. It was chewier than the usual waffle and at the same time, not as airy as the typical croissant. On top of that, the edges of the Croffle were especially satisfying. 

I recommend ordering a Latte ($5.80 – $6.80) to go with. With sips of the piping hot coffee in between mouthfuls of an awesome breakfast creation, I’m sure you would be ready to start your day.

Costa 269-6

Morning Croffle ($14)

For those who can’t stomach a super heavy breakfast in the morning, go for the Morning Croffle instead. Although it has significantly lesser condiments than the Great Croffle Fry-Up, it is still pretty satisfying.

Costa 269-7

The creamy scrambled eggs paired with turkey ham slices and mushrooms on top of a fluffy and springy Croffle is simply the best. The texture is so great, I can’t even describe it so you’ll just have to try it for yourselves!

Costa 269-8

Very Berry Croffle ($11)

Having a sweet tooth, I obviously couldn’t do without a dessert Croffle. Introducing the Very Berry Croffle, a sweeter rendition to the previous savoury Croffles. The freshly-baked Croffle is dusted with icing sugar and topped with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

You could also choose to opt for the other ice cream flavours like chocolate and salted caramel, which I’m sure would be just as nice. 

Costa 269-9

Topped with strawberries, blueberries and a dash of maple syrup drizzled on top, you are in for a decadent and indulgent treat. The stark contrast of the warm Croffle and the coolness of the ice cream was a divine combination.

Unlike most waffles, it also managed to retain a crisp texture instead of turning soggy which was a plus for me.

Costa 269-10

Smoothie ($8.80)

You know what would go well with a fruity dessert? A fruity smoothie of course. With flavours that vary everyday, you can expect something different each time you order a smoothie from Costa 269.

I happened to get the strawberry, blueberry and yogurt blend during my visit. While this was refreshing, I wished that it was slightly sweeter. 

Costa 269- 11

Flat White ($6.30) 

One word to describe the flat white coffee would be legit. They say consistency is key and that certainly rings true here at Costa 269, with the skilful way the baristas manage to pull every single shot on the spot.

This just goes to show that you don’t need a coffee machine to concoct a great cup of coffee.

Costa 269-12

What better way to enjoy your weekend breakfast than with freshly ground coffee coupled with exclusive brunch items? If you’re racking your brains on where to head to for your next breakfast or brunch, you now know where to go.

Please do take note though that while it’s an all-day brunch venue, Croffles are only served till 5pm. After which I guess you’ll just have to enjoy everything else on the brunch menu!

Expected Damage: $20 per pax

Costa Coffee: Costa 269 @ Holland Village, 269 Holland Ave, Singapore 278990 | Opening Hours: 7am – 11pm daily | Facebook

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