Crown Prince Kitchenette serves authentic Malaysian zi char dishes by native chefs

Singaporeans love cheap and good Malaysian food, but dread the travelling time and journey, not to mention getting stuck in jams at the customs (especially on weekends). Now, there’s a simpler solution. Crown Prince Kitchenette located at United Square has brought in a team of chefs from Malaysia, so you are guaranteed to get legit Malaysian zi char dishes served to your table.

crown prince kitchenette - restaurant front

I had the opportunity to try out some of their signature dishes. I kicked things off with the Signature Crispy “Chao Ta” Beehoon with Seafood (S$10.80)— one of my personal favourite dishes.

The outlook of the flattened crispy bee hoon reminded me of a Korean seafood pancake. It was topped with pork slices and green vegetables together with a medley of seafood like fish slices, prawns and squid.

The crusty bee hoon layer was not only nice and crispy, but it also possessed a strong wok hei smokiness. One word to describe it: shiok!

crown prince kitchenette - chao ta bee hoon

The next dish, Chicken Lollipop with Cereal (S$14.80), looked fun and will surely be a hit with children. The meat of the chicken drumsticks are pushed to the bone ends, creating the appearance of a lollipop.

It’s then coated with cereal before being deep-fried to achieve a golden brown crust. The meat was extremely flavourful, and the fragrant crispy cereal perfumed with curry leaves tied it together.

crown prince kitchenette - Chicken lollipop with cereal

The Steamed Patin Fish in Special Nyonya Sauce (S$58) blew my socks off. The meat was extremely tender and fresh, and paired really well with the Nyonya sauce (which was sweet, sour, spicy and savoury all at the same time).

I could taste the dominant flavour of rojak flower in the sauce, which made this dish extremely appetising.

crown prince kitchenette - steamed fish

crown prince kitchenette - closeup of fish

For those who prefer the herbal Malaysian version of bak kut teh, you’ll surely enjoy the Claypot Herbal Bak Kut Teh (S$28.80 for 2 pax) which is only available for lunch at Crown Prince Kitchenette.

The broth is made from a secret blend of herbs and spices which complements the flavourful pork ribs.

crown prince kitchenette - bak kut teh

The Spinach & Clams in Broth (S$12.80) consists of fresh clams and spinach cooked in a clear stock with the addition of century, salted and regular egg.

The addition of the fresh clams made the broth refreshing and naturally sweet; it was a palate cleanser to all the rich food that I’d consumed.

crown prince kitchenette - spinach

I moved on to the Three Delicacies in Garlic & Ginger Broth (S$98). It comes with fish, prawns and clams doused in a rich gravy topped with minced garlic and coriander. The portion was huge enough to be shared among six to eight people.

The broth was extremely robust with the garlic and ginger flavours coming in with a bang! This would be suitable for a cold and rainy day.

crown prince kitchenette - three delicacies

The Signature Yellow Wine Chicken in Claypot (S$16.80) consists of a flavourful chicken broth combined with a specially aged yellow rice wine. For booze lovers, the broth will surely hit that sweet spot.

crown prince kitchenette - yellow wine chicken

I ended things off on a sweet note with the Yam Paste with Pumpkin Sauce (S$5). The yam paste was extremely flavourful due to the fact that it was cooked the traditional way (with shallots and pork lard). The pumpkin sauce made things less heavy as compared to the usual coconut milk combination.

crown prince kitchenette - yam paste

Do take advantage of their opening promotion, which offers 50% off its signature dishes on a weekly rotation— here are the details:

  • Week 1 (3 – 9 October 2022): Chicken Lollipop with Cereal
  • Week 2 (10 – 16 October 2022): Golden Prawns with Popcorn
  • Week 3 (17 – 23 October 2022): Steamed Patin Fish in Special Nyonya Sauce
  • Week 4 (24 – 30 October 2022): Three Delicacies in Garlic & Ginger Broth

Pay Crown Prince Kitchenette a visit to get a taste of true blue Malaysian zi char and chinese cuisine right here in Singapore, without the need to use your passport— I’m all for it!

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Crown Prince Kitchenette

101 Thomson Road, United Square Shopping Mall, B1-09/64/65, Singapore 307591

Our Rating 4/5

Crown Prince Kitchenette

101 Thomson Road, United Square Shopping Mall, B1-09/64/65, Singapore 307591

Telephone: +65 8877 4117
Operating Hours: 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8877 4117

Operating Hours: 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm (Daily)
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