Crunch Cutlery: Now you can have your spoon, and eat it too

Crunchy Cutlery 3

I’m sure by now you’ve watched the amazing David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, and it’s clear that environmentalism and sustainability are no longer fad hobbies but are a necessity more than ever.

Enter Crunch Cutlery, a young start-up with a Shark Tank worthy idea. Though the issue of single-use plastics is not new, there has never been a solution as ingenious as Crunch Cutlery’s one.

Crunchy Cutlery 1

Instead of just having the eco-friendly spoons, Crunch Cutlery goes a step further to make edible spoons that are made of superfoods or packed with fruits. You get to curb the problem of single-use plastics and also get your nutrition boost from these spoons—it’s a win-win solution, if you ask me.

These spoons are hand-baked by co-founder Anna, and according to her website, about half of each batch of spoons turns out wonky, so each spoon is painstakingly created.

Crunchy Cutlery 2

These spoons come in seven exciting flavours from the Matcha Fibre Rich Spoons (S$13 for eight),to the pretty Butterfly Pea Lychee Spoons (S$11 for eight),to the intriguing Spicy Fibre Rich Spoons (S$13 for eight). Since they come in a variety of sweet and savoury flavours, you don’t just have to pair them with your açaí, you can eat virtually anything with them.

Plus, these spoons are also packed with flax, chia and whole wheat to get that boost of Omega 3, Vitamin B3, Lignans and fibre with every bite.

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If you want to try out these spoons, you can try Crunch Cutlery’s spoons at WellSmoocht, or you can purchase them at the physical store at Ugly Food.

Crunch Cutlery doesn’t stop at eco-friendly spoons. They want to encourage everyone to recycle as much as they can, so, Crunch Cutlery will actually pay you to recycle their Crunch plastic containers and give you a discount of S$1.50 for your next purchase.

It’s a small spoon of açai for now but a huge scoop in securing our future.

Date & Time: Available now on their website 

Prices: S$11 – S$13 for eight 

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