10 Curry Chicken Places In Singapore To Keep Calm & Curry On

Singapore is not only diverse in race but also in our unofficial national identity: food. Take curry, for example, our mind leads us in different directions when we think of the aromatic, rich and spicy gravy.

There’s Chicken Tikka Masala, a spiced Indian curry; Ayam Kapitan, a Malay nyonya curry chicken; Curry Chicken, a Chinese stew with potatoes and coconut milk and so many more. But we’ll be focusing on the Chinese version in this list.

Curry Chicken Kopitiam 1

Growing up with my grandmother’s rendition of what you would call Chinese Curry Chicken (咖喱鸡), I’d say I’m pretty familiar with the staple ingredients of the dish.

Typically, the traditional bowl is cooked with potatoes and chicken parts (thigh, wing, drumstick and breast), with a paste made with herbs and spices cooked with coconut milk to produce a scrumptious stew. Plus, you’d get a choice of enjoying it with toasted bread or a bowl of rice.

It’s about time someone did a guide on where to get this sinfully creamy dish, so here I am with 10 places in Singapore to get curry chicken to keep calm and curry on.

1. 168 Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken (168 Curry Chicken) 1

You’ll find 168 Curry Chicken at Old Airport Road Food Centre where it only sells one laudable item. Home to many other famous stalls, this contender made a name for itself with its delectable standout dish.

Curry Chicken (168 Curry Chicken) 2

It’s as simple as it can get: a bowl of curry with bread, rice or noodles. I went for the Curry Chicken With Rice (S$5). Right off the bat, there was more gravy than ingredients and I did feel a little bummed over that.

With two small drumsticks and some potatoes, it didn’t quite please my gluttony self. However, this version swayed more towards Indian curry and had a rich blend of spices, which nailed it with the right balance of spiciness and tang.

It’s definitely one of the better ones out there, although it could use a better meat to gravy ratio.

168 Curry Chicken: 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-134, Singapore 390051 | Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm (Thurs – Tue), Closed on Wed | Facebook

2. Curry Times

Curry Chicken Curry Times Online 2

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the famed curry puff by Old Chang Kee, right? Well, Curry Times is the dine-in restaurant opened by the local company and have five outlets across Singapore.

Curry Chicken Curry Times Online 1

Its Signature Curry Chicken (S$8.50) is served with a choice of bread, rice, noodles or prata (Indian flatbread). It focuses on the favourite curry spice and held a higher spice to coconut ratio. Plus, the portion was generous with a decent amount of chicken and potatoes.

For those who prefer a less lemak (rich in coconut milk) curry, this checks the box. The price is a little steeper than hawker fares but hey, it’s definitely a go-to when you’re craving for some good ol’ curry chicken.

Curry Times: 238 Thomson Road, #02-33/34/41/42, Novena Square (Velocity), Singapore 307683 | Tel:+65 6354 3206 | Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon – Sat), 10am – 10pm (Sun)| Other OutletsWebsite | Facebook

3.  Fu Xiang Signatures

Fu Xiang Signatures 2

With nine stores islandwide, Fu Xiang Signatures, recreates that tingly heart-warming feeling with their speciality curry. Run by a pair of brothers who are second-generation hawkers after taking over the family business, they’ve managed to establish a legacy that will run for more generations to come.

Fu Xiang Signatures 13

The Curry Chicken (S$6.80/set) serves a portion good for one, with just the right amount to comfort. Made with 21 different ingredients including herbs and spices, this dish is a product of the passion the brothers have for curry.

With a flavourful and decadent gravy holding just the right amount of spice, Fu Xiang’s curry is one for those who enjoy a richer base. Keep it simple and have this comforting bowl with a plate of rice and you’re headed straight for paradise.

Fu Xiang Signatures: 1 Harbourfront Walk, Food Republic, VivoCity,#03-01, Singapore 098585 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Other OutletsWebsite | Facebook

4. Golden Pillow 933

Golden Pillow Curry Chicken 1

If you’ve recently become increasingly reliant on food delivery, this one’s for you. Golden Pillow 933 is popularly known for its curry chicken and bread, otherwise nicknamed ‘curry in a loaf’. These boxes of goodness are delivered to your doorstep to make the experience of curry lovin’ more convenient. How easy!

Golden Pillow Curry Chicken 2

Their Golden Pillow Curry Chicken Bun (S$14.80) is freshly baked to order, with a bag of hot curry chicken tucked inside a loaf of bread. Just like a huge bao (steamed bun) with fresh curry chicken filling!

While it didn’t quite have the creamy texture I fancied nor that kick of heat, it was a generous portion, which made it easy to feed a party of three to four.

We think it’s the perfect snack for any occasion because of its excellent delivery service or even when you’re in need of some good ol’ curry and bread.

Golden Pillow 933: 11 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #05-11, Enterprise One, Singapore 415934 | Tel: +65 6323 8933 | Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm (Daily) | Website 

5. Good Time Eat Drink

Good Time Eat Drink 1

As if East Coast Road ain’t already brimming with great places to eat, Good Time Eat Drink is a retro restaurant serving up affordable traditional local dishes with a twist. Helmed by a Peranakan husband-wife duo, their unique take on curry chicken is a whole league on its own.

Good Time Eat Drink 11

The Hurry! Hurry! Chicken Curry (S$12.90) features a whole chicken leg, creamy potato chunks and charcoal youtiao, easily becoming one of the biggest portions of curry I’ve seen. I loved how they entertained the idea of challenging tradition by taking this classic dish and made it their own.

The chicken meat was tender and soft and together with the youtiao, this was one dish you’d finish in no time. Even the lingering heat in your mouth won’t stop you from devouring this hearty bowl! But to be safe, get a bowl of rice to make this dish the perfect meal.

Good Time Eat Drink: 889 East Coast Road, Singapore 459092 | Tel: +65 6242 0495 | Opening Hours: 12noon – 12midnight (Daily) | Facebook

6. Hai Nan Hometown Curry

Curry Chicken (hai Nan Curry Rice) 3

Plastered with awards around their stall, Hai Nan Hometown Curry is no stranger to the media. The corner shop at Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre is well-known for its various curry renditions using different meats.

Curry Chicken (hai Nan Hometown Curry) 2

I opted for the Curry Chicken (S$5) and bought a loaf of bread for an extra S$1. The deep bowl came with a chicken drumstick, wing, breast meat and some small potatoes.

The spiciness of the curry was mild and had a hint of coconut milk. I must say, Hai Nan Hometown Curry was extremely generous with their chicken which will leave you full and content. However, the soft, sweet bun made an awkward pairing with the slightly tangy curry.

While I did think it was lacking in that rich savour, the attention from the media might have compromised on their consistency over the years. Still, it makes a passable treat if you’re in the area.

Hai Nan Hometown Curry: 20 Ghim Moh Road, #01-161 Ghim Moh Food Centre, Singapore 270020 | Opening Hours:  9am – 8pm (Tues – Sun), Closed on Mon 

7. Na Na Curry

Here we have another contender from the west. With four outlets nationwide, Na Na Curry serves up hearty Peranakan-style curries. The Bukit Merah outlet has been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2016 and 2017.

Patrons of the 30-year-old establishment often opt for the Chicken Drumstick Curry ($3.50). If you prefer leaner white meat such as chicken breast, an S$3 option is available too.

Through the long hours of cooking, the chicken was moist and tender and comforting to indulge in. The curry was well-balanced and the chunky potatoes were soft with every bite. Whether or not it deserves such an honourable award, we’re pretty convinced it’s worth a special trip down.

Na Na Curry: Blk 115 Bukit Merah View, #01-47, Bukit Merah View Market & Food Centre, Singapore 151115 | Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm (Mon – Sat), Closed on Sun | Tel: +65 9106 4316 | Other OutletsWebsite | Facebook

8. Queensway Famous Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken (queensway Famous Curry Chicken) 1

How could I forget about Queensway Famous Curry Chicken? Of all the places on this list, I believe this is the one people know best by heart. The small space inside Queensway Shopping Centre often bustles during peak hours with hungry patrons.

Curry Chicken Queensway Famous Curry Chicken Online 1

Renowned for their Curry Chicken (S$4.50/small, S$5.50/medium, S$6.50/large), this definitely tops the list if we’re talking about that rich, indulgent taste.

The amount of chicken mid-wings you get depends on the size you order. This curry base is one of my favourites because of that heavy coconut milk, which made this a sinful yet delectable dish.

One gripe I have here at Queensway would be the rather claustrophobic setting and flimsy chairs that makes it hard for a comfortable meal. Oh well, I guess I’ll settle for takeaway!

Queensway Famous Curry Chicken: 1 Queensway, #01-60, Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore 149053 | Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm (Daily)

9. Tan Koon Curry Rice

Curry Chicken (tan Koon Curry Rice) 2

Now, here’s one that is rather under the radar. Tan Koon Curry Rice over at Hougang may seem like your average neighbourhood cai fan stall but don’t be fooled by its plain shopfront. They serve a mean curry that’s worth a notable mention.

Curry Chicken (tan Koon Curry Rice) 1

I decided to keep it simple and order Rice With Curry Chicken (S$2.50). Just like how you’d normally order cai fan, but with just one serving of meat.

Perhaps I was hungry but this comes close to one of the top curry chicken dishes on my list. Besides its affordable price, what makes this version so good is its thick, velvety curry.

Tan Koon Curry Rice is a tad above the rest as it has a plethora of side dishes as well. I can’t speak for the other meat and vegetable dishes but I know for a fact that a bowl of this luscious gravy with rice and I’m good to go!

Tan Koon Curry Rice: Blk 682 Hougang Avenue 4, Singapore 530682 | Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon – Fri), Closed on Sat & Sun 

10. Toast Box

Curry Chicken (toast Box) 1

Of course, I couldn’t miss out on the familiar franchise, Toast Box. While some may feel it’s all too commercial, they ultimately score on making curry chicken accessible for all. With more than 70 outlets nationwide, we couldn’t name a more convenient place to fix that curry craving.

Curry Chicken (toast Box) 2

Their Curry Chicken With Rice (S$8.10) comes with Homemade Barley and is served with chicken mid-wings, lots of potatoes and fried tau pok (beancurd puffs).

While the set comes with a plate of rice, we hope they’ll open up an option of bread to satiate the bun lovers out there. Plus, this version is the first one I’ve noticed incorporate tau pok into the hearty classic, which I’m a huge fan of.

Ultimately, the indulgent bowl deserves a shoutout because it makes curry lovin’ convenient. You can count on almost every mall to have a Toast Box branch and with that, we know we’re sorted.

Toast Box: 321 Alexandra Road, #01-17, Singapore 159971 | Opening Hours: 8am – 9pm (Daily) | Tel: +65 6250 2080| Other OutletsWebsite | Facebook

We’ve come to an end of this drool-worthy list. Of course, this isn’t representative of other similar curry dishes like Hainanese curry rice, Indian curry, fish head curry and more.

As for now, we’re all about that carbs from potatoes, bread and rice. And of course, let’s not forget that divine aroma that awakens nostalgia. So, what’s your favourite curry chicken?