Damian’s Cookhouse — Peranakan stalwart Chef Damian D’Silva’s online pop-up restaurant

Chef Damian D’Silva is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in the Singapore restaurant scene with years of experience at the helm of multiple successful restaurants and even a stint as a judge on MasterChef Singapore.

Anyone who has an inkling of the restaurant scene in Singapore would know of Chef Damian’s prowess in churning out the heartiest, most comforting plates of classic Peranakan dishes. With Chef Damian’s departure from Kin, his online pop-up Damian’s Cookhouse is the only place you can indulge in his masterful Peranakan dishes right now.

Dishes from Damian's Cookhouse

While his future plans are still up in the air, we’re just glad we still have the chance to dig into his time-tested family recipes. And it’s always a delight to see more of our heritage cuisines on show in their traditional glory, given how we already have Michelin-starred Candlenut on the innovating front.

If you’re a masochistic lover of spicy flavours, you simply have to snag one of chef Damian’s signature’s—the Ayam Lemak (S$32). At Damian’s Kitchen, the dish is made using quality French chicken and given a deathly spicy kick from chilli padi and ginger.

Damian's Cookhouse

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Other dishes that you can order from Damian’s Kitchen include familiar favourites such as the piquant Babi Assam (S$26), the robust and complex Sambal Buah Keluak (S$24) and of course the saucy and flavour-packed Beef Rendang (S$36). And of course, it’s a sacrilege to not end a Peranakan feast with some of their delectable nyonya kueh so get yourself some custardy Kueh Bengkah (S$12) and the melt-in-mouth Kueh Kosui (S$10) that Chef Damian has devoted years of his life to perfecting.

You can place your orders for Damian’s Kitchen here.

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