Diet Coke Made Better With New Exotic Mango And Fiesty Cherry Flavours Now Avail

Who doesn’t love carbonated soft drinks, especially in our humid climate? However, we often have to restrain ourselves from indulging in them too much due to their high sugar content.

As we all know, Coca-Cola has been coming up with fanciful flavours to keep up with adventurous palates from its consumers. This helps to keep things interesting and provide some form of variation. I have always wanted to try these new offerings, but they were mostly limited to countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Diet Coke Mango Cherry 1

Imagine my shock and excitement when I saw this a Diet Coke Exotic Mango and Diet Coke Fiesty Cherry. Flavoured Diet Coke that actually isn’t that bad for you? I was definitely down to try it. One thing to note is that these bottles are imported from the United Kingdom, which explains their slightly heftier price tag.

Diet Coke Mango Cherry 2

So how did they actually taste? The Diet Coke Exotic Mango (S$2.70) was actually pretty good. Diet Coke can sometimes be too bland for those who are used to drinking the regular version. In this one, the mango flavouring was actually prominent and complemented the lighter coke taste.

It helped make the drink more palatable and I really enjoyed this rendition. It was like a mash-up between Coke and Sjora, a mango-peach juice drink. Plus points to them for not having an overly artificial mango flavouring too.

Diet Coke Mango Cherry 3

However, the Diet Coke Fiesty Cherry  (S$2.70) was a miss for me. Disclaimer though, I do not like cherries that much in general as they remind me of childhood medicine. True to its name, this indeed tasted like cherries infused in coke.

But the cherry taste was artificial which did not bode well my tastebuds. In addition, it was supposed to have a hint of chilli but I could not taste any of that. Perhaps the cherry flavour was just too overwhelming for me. If you are a cherry lover though, you may prefer this. It is less sweet than the mango version.

I was glad I did give these new flavours a try although there were hits and misses. With so many new developments from Coca-Cola these days, I do hope more flavours get to reach the shores of Singapore so we would be able to taste them all.

Dates & Times: Now Available at selected Cold Storage outlets 

Prices: S$2.70 each (Now on sale: S$1.35 for Feisty Cherry) 

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