Your Steamer Basket Is Written In The Stars: What Type Of Dim Sum Are You According To Your Star Sign?

Dim sum is undeniably satisfying, there is no greater joy than seeing rows of towering steamer baskets on the table. There are only a few eating sessions as iconic or comforting as dim sum. Sometimes you have to wonder if it’s cosmic. One would say it’s written in the stars.

But have you ever thought if your star sign could foretell which dum sum would be your perfect match? Here’s my take on which heavenly pairings could work for you, based on your zodiac!

1. Aries — Xiao Long Bao

We begin this yum cha time with the fiery Aries. The first astrological sign and the most headstrong, the Aries is never one to back down from a challenge. Therefore, the Xiao Long Bao is perfect for the determined and confident Aries.

After all, no one loves a journey more perilous from steamer basket to spoon with just the tips of your chopsticks than the feisty Aries.

2. Taurus — Ma Lai Go 

Dim Sum Zodiac 4

Just like the soft and airy Ma Lai Go, the Taurus’ sweet and gentle nature is reflected in this traditional steamed cake. Ma Lai Go is a rather elegant dim sum offering and the Taurus is known for enjoying the finer things in life.

Think long luxurious bubble baths, vintage wines and gourmet dinners. For that reason, the sweet and fluffy Mai Lai Go is perfect for our refined Taurus. When you hang out with your Taurus kakis, rest assured that their taste will be impeccable and you will always be well-fed.

3. Gemini — Cheung Fan/Zha Leung

When it comes to Gemini, you know it’s double the fun. The hallmark of any Gemini is their duality and their corresponding dim sum would be the Cheung Fun and the Zha Leung. 

Chee Cheong Fun Club Maxwell Food Centre Chinatown 12

Somedays are sweet and Gemini’s would go for tasty rice rolls drizzled in peanut sauce.

Other times are a little indulgent and only a crispy Zha Leung would suffice. Whichever Gemini’s feel like that day, just know that these loquacious beings would make for good conversations during Sunday dim sum.

4. Cancer — Egg Tart

Dim Sum Zodiac 2

Cancers are the nurturers of the group or better known as the ‘mom’ friend. Always ready with a steady supply napkins and other emergency supplies, you know you can always count on them.

Your Cancer friend is therefore like the perennial and ever-reliable egg tart on the dim sum cart. A deceptively simple and ordinary dim sum item but one whose absence is always greatly felt. I don’t know about you, but it’s not dim sum without a plate of comforting egg tarts to finish the meal.

5. Leo — Radish/Turnip Puff (Lo Baak Sou)

The sparkling Leo is next on as we make our way through this astrological dim sum time. This fire sign is vivacious, passionate and theatrical.

Dim Sum Zodiac 1 ONLINE

Your Leo knows how to make an entrance and similarly so does the Lo Baak Sou. Nothing screams ‘notice me’ like turnip cake that is wrapped in puff pastry, deep fried and presented with an elaborate spiral-like pattern.

Fun to eat and certainly one that steals a little thunder away from the other dim sum offerings. Leo’s effervescent energy is positively infectious and having them part of the dim sum crew guarantees a good time.

6. Virgo — Char Siu Bao

Virgo’s are the most detail-oriented of the bunch; diligent and a little bit of a perfectionist, their forte comes with analysing things. For the ever logical and practical Virgo, nothing is more befitting than the char siu bao.

Fu Yuan Handmade Dim Sum Clementi 17

The char siu bao is emblematic of any dim sum session and it would be remiss not order it. The thick, juicy, barbecue gravy oozing from the soft pillowy bun is a work of art on its own.

As you sink your teeth into this dim sum classic, Virgo’s would love nothing more than examine how each layer works together. From that tender and delicate bun to that rich and savoury sauce, there are endless things to uncover. Virgo’s would love examining and analysing the complex layers.

7. Libra — Har Gow

Libra’s are perhaps one the daintiest and genteel of the horoscope family. Just like Taurus, Libra’s are also ruled by the planet Venus.

Which means Libra’s have a penchant for the finer, more beautiful things in life. Thus, the Har Gow would be perfect for our sophisticated Libra.

The Har Gow is a staple in any dim sum menu and one that is the most elegant of them. A succulent pink prawn encased in a translucent parcel, complete with a bevvy of intricate folds, clearly the fairest dim sum of them all.

8. Scorpio — Lotus Leaf Rice (Lo Mai Gai) 

Dim Sum Zodiac 3

A rather mysterious sign, Scorpio’s are more than meets the eye. Secretive by nature, you probably need a little time to really uncover a Scorpio’s true personality.

Just like how you would peel back the many complex layers of a Scorpio, the Lo Mai Gai is representative of the enigmatic Scorpio. A Scorpio might present like a tightly-wrapped leafy package, but peel back those layers and something wonderful awaits.

9. Sagittarius — Sesame Ball (Jian Dui)

Dim Sum Zodiac 4 2 ONLINE

The Sagittarius is optimistic, open-minded and cheerful. If you have a Saggitarius in the group, chances are they are a huge ball of sunshine. A happy pill, these archers are just like the sesame ball or Jian Dui.

Filled with coconut or red bean paste, the sesame ball is just a delight. Normally made with glutinous rice, the Jian Dui is then fried to perfection so that the exterior is crispy while the filling bursting with molten goodness. If you need a dose of positivity at your dim sum table, you know who to call.

10. Capricorn — Siu Mai 

Capricorn’s are decidedly the more serious ones amongst the 12 signs. With the stoic and driven mountain goat as their symbol, you know they will try their darndest to accomplish any task they set their mind too.

A stickler to tradition, Capricorn’s know the value of tried and tested ways. Hence, the Siu Mai is undoubtedly the best choice for the steadfast Capricorn. Siu Mai’s are the bedrock of any dim sum morning and a third of the holy trinity of dim sum items (along with Char Siu Bao and Har Gow). Tradition might be boring to some, but to Capricorn’s, “if it ain’t broken, why fix it?”.

11. Aquarius — Chicken Feet (Feng Jiao) 

Our fellow Aquarian’s are always a little more out there than the rest of us, preferring to do things in their own way rather than follow the crowd. With their cutting-edge individual style, their dim sum item has to reflect their desire to go against the grain.

For that, chicken feet or Feng Jiao is the dim sum for them. As much as Feng Jiao is a common Asian dish, it’s still not everybody’s cup of tea. But for your fellow Aquarius, they march to the beat of their own drum, and there is nothing more delicious than a steaming plate of chicken feet covered in black bean sauce.

12. Pisces — Liu Sha Bao 

Fu Yuan Handmade Dim Sum Clementi 19

The last of our signs and the dreamiest of them all — the Pisces. A rather romantic sign, Pisces’ are known to get lost in their daydreams. That is why the soft and flowy Liu Sha Bao fits the Pisces to a T. 

The Pisces’ sensitive nature is reflected in the luscious and custard-filled Liu Sha Bao; press too hard and all the goodness might overflow. Not to mention, our water baby is also immensely creative. How many renditions of the Liu Sha Bao have you seen peppering the dim sum scene? The possibilities are endless when it comes to Liu Sha Bao’s.