Din Tai Fung Australia Has Giant Rainbow Xiao Long Baos From Now Till 15 June

Last Updated: June 12, 2019

Written by Lee Wei Yang

Most of us agree that Din Tai Fung serves up some of the best xiao long baos. From the delicate dumpling skin to the juicy meat to the umami soup, they’ve certainly perfected every component of it.

That said, however, did you know that Din Tai Fung Australia has actually come up with a Giant Rainbow Dumpling?

Yes, you read that right! This one-of-a-kind creation is an upsized xiao long bao which features a multi-coloured dumpling skin.

Apparently, it has become so popular that they’re extending its stay on the menu until 15 June! You can get your hands on this whimsical masterpiece at all Din Tai Fung outlets across Sydney and Melbourne.

This xiao long bao (or should it be da long bao?) takes inspiration from Vivid Sydney, an annual festival of captivating light displays in Sydney.

But I bet you’re wondering, how big does this Giant Rainbow Dumpling actually get?

Well, it’s supposedly seven times the size of a normal xiao long bao!

They even serve it with a straw so you can poke a hole into it and slurp on that delicious broth.

So if you’re currently in Sydney or Melbourne, check out this absolutely Insta-worthy xiao long bao! I wonder if there’s actually any taste to that colourful dumpling skin…

Dates & Times: Available from now till 15 June 2019 at all Din Tai Fung outlets in Sydney & Melbourne | For more information, check out their Facebook

Prices: AUD$9.80 each

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