Din Tai Fung’s limited edition Tang Bao is so big it’s unbelieva-bao

You know how 18th birthdays are usually celebrated extravagantly, what with finally hitting the legal age? It’s a common refrain to “go big or go home”, and Din Tai Fung has taken that saying quite literally. Celebrating its 18th anniversary this year is the dim sum restaurant we Singaporeans know, love, and patronise way too often. And they’ve just launched a Tang Bao so big it’s the size of your palm.

tang bao from din tai fung
Credit – Din Tai Fung

This limited-edition Steamed Pork & Dried Scallop Tang Bao (S$12.80) is only available for one month, from 1 to 31 October 2021, and is available for dine-in customers at all Din Tai Fung outlets islandwide, except the outlet at Republic Plaza.

Tang Bao from din tai fung
Credit – Din Tai Fung

This hefty Tang Bao is approximately 70% bigger than the average xiao long bao, and dumpling fans can expect a lot more fillings, meat, and soup. Important question time: Does the Tang Bao really qualify as a xiao (small) long bao, if it’s not… small?

If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out how to eat this, Din Tai Fung has confirmed that every order of their Tang Baos will come with a straw for you to drink the soup, presumably to reduce the possibility of making a mess when eating it. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to make a bao-ble tea pun while you’re at it, and you know that I definitely will when I go and try this for myself.

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