5 DIY Bubble Tea Kits on Shopee for Your Boba Fix

I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing about ‘Circuit Breaker’ this, COVID-19 that. But I can’t deny that this pandemic has definitely impacted our daily lives. And with the way people have been commenting online, you’d think that it’s the apocalypse—or boba-pocalypse.

Yes, bubble tea shops are still closed. All of us boba fans have been finding new ways to get our fix, be it alternative places to get bubble tea, or even making it ourselves.

To make things easier, we’ve come up with a list of DIY boba kits you can try out in the comfort of your home. These 5 DIY bubble tea kits from Shopee range from quick-and-easy, to a little more hands-on, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

1. LiHO Tea: DIY Bubble Tea Kit

When LiHO Singapore released their DIY Bubble Tea Kit on Shopee, it was a huge game-changer.

Diy Bubble Tea Kits Shopee Liho Online 2

If you miss your favourite boba drink from LiHO, now’s your chance. With two types of DIY bubble tea kits available—Milk Tea With Golden Pearl (S$48) and Black Tea Oat Latte With Golden Pearl (S$85)—this means you can enjoy your go-to bubble tea from the comfort of your home.

Diy Bubble Tea Kits Shopee Liho Online 3

The kits include exclusive ingredients like raw sugar and golden pearls, which you probably won’t have in your pantry. Pre-packaged tea leaves and creamer are also available in the kits, so you can make the most authentic LiHO drink possible.

LiHO Singapore has even included recipes for the drinks, and each kit allows you to make 15 to 20 cups of bubble tea.

Expected Damage: S$48 (Milk Tea), S$85 (Black Tea Oat Latte)

LiHO Tea DIY Bubble Tea Kit: Available on Shopee

2. The Whale Tea’s DIY Bubble Milk Tea Survival Kit

Diy Bubble Tea Kits Shopee The Whale Tea Online 2

If you haven’t already heard, The Whale Tea splashed its way onto Singapore’s shores in October 2019. This popular boba brand from China is famous for its patterned Whale Crystal drinks, and Volcanic Collagen series.

Its outlets may be closed due to the ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures, but you can still enjoy the basic boba drinks with The Whale Tea’s DIY Bubble Milk Tea Survival Kit, available on Shopee.

Diy Bubble Tea Kits Shopee The Whale Tea Online 1

For S$40, you’ll get a DIY kit that makes 10 cups of bubble tea. The kit includes five packs each of Earl Grey and roasted oolong tea leaves, 500g of pearls, creamer, cups and straws. A printed recipe comes along with each kit, so you can follow along with ease.

Expected Damage: S$40 per kit

The Whale Tea’s DIY Bubble Milk Tea Survival Kit: Available on Shopee

3. Fu Chong DIY Bubble Tea Kit

Diy Bubble Tea Kits Shopee Fu Chong Online 2

For those who just want a small portion of bubble tea, Fu Chong DIY Bubble Tea Kit is here for you.

Available on Shopee for S$12.90, each kit serves four pax—or four cups for one person, we’re not judging. The kits come with one packet of creamer, tapioca pearls and brown sugar syrup, and a choice of Earl Grey, Oolong Tea, Black Tea or Jasmine Green Tea in the form of teabags.

Diy Bubble Tea Kits Shopee Fu Chong Online 3

They even provide four sets of cute bear cups—isn’t it adorable? The product page on Shopee features detailed instructions on how to make the brown sugar pearls and the milk tea, so you can get the most authentic experience.

Expected Damage: S$12.90 per kit

Fu Chong DIY Bubble Tea Kit: Available on Shopee

4. Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea

We all know bubble tea came from Taiwan, and that’s why it’s no surprise that the Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea DIY kit on Shopee really brings out authentic flavours.

Diy Bubble Tea Kits Shopee Taiwan Bubble Tea Online 3

With five variations to choose from—Bubble Milk Tea (S$19.90), Matcha Latte (S$19.90), Chocolate Au Lait (S$19.90), Assam Milk Tea (S$19.90) and Sweet Potato Oatmeal (S$21.90)—you can pick your favourite.

Diy Bubble Tea Kits Shopee Taiwan Bubble Tea Online 2

The first four come with eight packs in a box, while the Sweet Potato Oatmeal comes with seven packs. The tapioca pearls are already cooked, so all you need to do is add hot water and let it heat up for 3 to 5 minutes.

It’s as easy as that!

Expected Damage: S$19.90 (Bubble Milk Tea, Matcha Latte, Chocolate Au Lait, Assam Milk Tea), S$21.90 (Sweet Potato Oatmeal)

Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea: Available on Shopee

5. Bubble Tea DIY Kit

For even greater variety and quantity, we turn to the Bubble Tea DIY Kit from Shopee. Simple and fuss-free like its name, this kit even comes with instant pearls, so there’s no need for cooking.

Diy Bubble Tea Kits Shopee Bubble Tea Diy Online 2

And when I say ‘quantity’, I mean it. Each kit comes with 1kg to 2kg of pearls—imagine how many cups of bubble tea you can make with it! Choose from seven different variations of the bubble tea kit: Kit 1 – Convenience (S$42.61), Kit 2 – Premium (S$40.93), Kit 3 – Valuable (S$33.37), Kit 4 – Homesoy (S$29.75), Kit 5 – Matcha (S$45.57), Kit 6 – Mini Bubble Milk (S$24.45) and Kit 7 – Premium Bubble Milk (S$44.91).

The Convenience kit has instant pearls which you can gobble up straight away, while the tapioca pearls from the other packs need to be cooked first.

Expected Damage: S$24.45 – S$45.57 per kit

Bubble Tea DIY Kit: Available on Shopee

With so many DIY bubble tea kits to choose from, there’s really no reason to leave the house anymore. For those of you with young ones at home, this can even be a fun bonding activity.

Let’s #stayhome with our DIY bubble tea kits, and when the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period ends, we just might have perfected our very own bubble tea concoctions.