Make Your Own Bubble Tea With LiHo’s DIY Bubble Tea Kit Exclusively On Shopee

Want to make your own bubble tea but you’re too lazy to get out of the house to obtain the relevant ingredients? Now, you can make it at your own convenience with all the components needed, delivered right to your doorstep. 

LiHo Singapore is offering its DIY Bubble Tea Kit now exclusively available on Shopee. With the Circuit Breaker measures put in place and bubble tea chains suspending operations temporarily, LiHo Singapore is encouraging Singaporeans to stay home and make their own delightful beverages with their pre-packaged ingredients. 

Liho Bubble Tea Kit Shopee Singapore Apr 2020 Online

There are two drinks you can make with this DIY Bubble Tea Kit at home: LiHo’s famous Milk Tea with Golden Pearl and their Black Tea Oat Latte with Golden Pearl. The kit features ingredients you wouldn’t usually have lying around at home, including raw sugar and golden pearls. Pre-packaged tea leaves and creamer are also available to ensure you have the most authentic LiHo bubble tea, even when you make it yourself. 

Worried you might not know what to do even with the ingredients all laid out for you? Fret not, LiHo Singapore has also provided a set of instructions for the respective drinks. 

Liho Diy Bubble Tea Kit Shopee Singapore Apr 2020 Online 3

Priced at S$48 for the Milk Tea Kit and S$85 for the Black Tea Oat Latte Kit, this kit enables you to make up to 15 to 20 cups of bubble tea. That should be enough to last you till after 4 May 2020 or maybe even longer than that. 

Now you don’t have to head out to get your favourite bubble tea. 

Liho Bubble Tea Kit Shopee Singapore Apr 2020 Online (1)

What are you waiting for? Head over  to Shopee and  purchase your own DIY Bubble Tea Kit today. I’m sure once you’re done making your tasty drinks, it’ll leave your bubble tea cravings satisfied. 

Dates & Times: Now available exclusively on Shopee

Prices: S$48 (Milk Tea Kit), S$85 (Black Tea Oat Latte Kit) | Both kits make 15 – 20 portions