Cool off with these all-new versatile Dole Fruit Pops

When I think about Dole, all that comes to mind are the bunches of bananas that are an all too familiar sight at the supermarket. Well, it turns out the fruit and vegetable company have still got a couple of tricks up their sleeve.

Assortment of Dole Fruit Pops
Credit – Dole Packaged Food Worldwide

Given the erratic weather, when it’s scorching hot one minute and pouring the next, I’d reckon it’s only right we have some Dole Fruit Pops to brave us through. These come in a box of 1o fruit pops of assorted flavours retailing at S$9.90. You have five nutritious and refreshing flavours to choose from, Mango, Pineapple, Orange, Apple and Peach.

Assorted Fruit Pop
Credit – Dole Packaged Food Worldwide

While we all loved the iced treats of the 90s, these are sophisticated and frozen treats made for 2021. Each fruit pop comes in a handy, single-serve (62ml) aseptic Tetra Pak, which blocks out light and air. This cutting-edge packaging is designed to keep food safe as it retains colour, taste and nutrition for at least six months without refrigeration or preservatives—just the sweet, sweet thrill of technology making all these icy pops a little better.

Peach Fruit Pop

If you’re deciding which one to try, a safe bet is Peach fruit pop. You really can’t go wrong with the flavour. It’s sweet, refreshing, and reminds me of endless summer days. For those tropical holiday vibes, I’d say go for the Mango and Pineapple. This is more than just a simple fruit pop. Since the Dole Fruit Pop comes unfrozen, you can enjoy this as chilled fruit juice or even as a mixer to alcoholic beverages.

Assorted Dole Fruit Pops

If you do freeze them, you can create fruity ice shavings by scraping the frozen fruit point with a spoon. You can put it on top of your açaí or anything really. From now till 31 May, you can purchase a box of Dole Fruit Pops at just S$7.90. All the more reason to try these fruit pops made with 100% fruit juice.

Date & time: Available at select FairPrice outlets, Sheng Siong outlets and Caltex Service Stations. Available online at RedMart and Shopee Mall

Price: S$9.90 per box 

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