Edith Patisserie: Skip The Pineapple Tarts This CNY For A Refreshing Pineapple Prosperity Cake

pine cake 2

Edith Patisserie is a homestyle bakery that specialises in layered cakes for any occasion. It prides itself on using low-sugar recipes without compromising on taste, allowing it to stand out from the heaps of local bakeries.

For Chinese New Year, Edith Patisserie features a January special, Refreshing Pineapple Prosperity Cake ($48+).

If you’re wondering, this isn’t the Taiwanese counterpart of our local pineapple tarts. Instead, Edith Patisserie has managed to create a one-of-a-kind cake which exudes the spirit of Chinese New Year.

pine cake 1

Between layers of vanilla sponge and chantilly cream, this cake contains homemade pineapple jelly. They make the jelly using the juice of fresh, ripe pineapples for more natural sweetness and a less tart flavour.

With the pineapples and the vibrant orange colour representing wealth, this cake is perfect for ushering in Chinese New Year! Additionally, custom messages of up to 30 characters can be requested so take this opportunity to have auspicious words and phrases like “福” (good luck) piped onto your cake.

For more information about collection timings and delivery fees, visit their website.

Expected damage: $48+

Edith Patisserie: 11 Cavan Road #01-04, Cavan Suites, Singapore 209848 | Tel: (+65) 9060 2494 / 6443 7150 | Website