Eight Thirty Three: Try Your Hand At Pancake Art In This Cafe Tucked Away Near Beauty World MRT

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Eight Thirty Three is a do-it-yourself (DIY) pancake cafe where you can use coloured batter to create your own pancake art.

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Though it isn’t the first DIY pancake place to open in Singapore, it is more accessible than its competitor outlets, as it’s located a stone’s throw away from Beauty World MRT on the Downtown Line.

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Eight Thirty Three offers six different types of pancake batter, namely Dark ChocolateStrawberryRed VelvetBananaPandan, and Original. Each bottle of batter costs $12.80, and is roughly enough to make pancakes to fill one person. It is a little bit pricey, especially considering how butter and syrup are not included.

We ordered the Dark ChocolateBanana, and Strawberry. Out of these three flavours, Banana was the best, as it was pleasantly fragrant and tasted good.

We were impressed with how vibrant the colours of the pancakes were, enabling us to make (somewhat) pretty pancakes. How ‘pretty’ they were really just depended on our artistic talent though.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -18

It was fun experimenting with the different colours to create something cool.

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We tried drawing Mickey Mouse for the fun of it, and it turned out pretty well.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -23

I then tried drawing a rose, and it initially looked a bit like a congealed mess.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -24

But the strange thing about pancake art is that you have to start with the outlines and darker colours first. Once you have those down, the pancake will look more or less alright once you’ve flipped it.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -15

We also had a lot of fun drawing a pizza pancake. It looked pretty legit, in my opinion.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -16

Sadly, the art of DIY pancakes also includes knowing how to flip a large pancake properly. We ruined ours a little bit when we flipped it.

833 Eight Thirty Three Cafe DIY Pancakes-1

Still, that didn’t stop us from having fun with our food.

The pancake that tasted the best was our Rilakkuma pancake. Made with the Dark Chocolate and Banana batters, it was a combination of flavours that complemented each other well.

Cafe 833 Expectations vs Reality

We took a picture off the internet for reference and tried to draw something similar. Unfortunately, our expectations did not meet reality.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -9

This poor fella looked a little worse for wear; I initially felt a little weird eating this pancake as I could see the disfigured face staring dismally at me while I savoured the chocolate-banana goodness.

If you don’t want to make failed pancakes like we did, stick to simpler designs and set the temperature to 90F instead of the default 140F, so you can take your time to make sure you’re drawing it right.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -5

You should also get some drinks to go with your pancakes. We liked the Strawberry Lychee ($6.20) most — it came with strawberries and lychees floating in this glass of tonic water and fruit syrup. It tasted just right, not too cloying, and had enough fruits to make every sip refreshing.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -4

We also ordered the Thai Original Ice Milk Tea ($3.20) that came in a tiny bucket of ice. I loved the presentation of this particular drink. Taste-wise it was authentically sweet (like how they do it in Thailand), though I wished it were a little thicker in consistency.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -12

We also tried the Cheeseburger Pasta ($14.80) which was recommended by the owner of Eight Thirty Three. This pasta comes with minced beef, chopped bell peppers, onions, and cheese.

The portion was pretty generous, and it tasted alright. The taste alluded more to a cheese-based pasta than a cheeseburger though, as it was more creamy than cheesy.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -13

We also ordered Prawn Quesadillas ($9.80) as an appetiser and I enjoyed the juiciness of the prawns very much, as well as the charred taste of the vegetables.

I think the price was quite steep for only three of these quesadillas though, so unless you don’t mind splurging, the better option is probably to spend a few more dollars on a main dish and get a far larger portion.

833 Cafe, Eight Thirty Three -14

The mains at Eight Thirty Three are average, but that is to be expected of a cafe that specialises in DIY pancakes. I recommend visiting only if you want to try something unique by making your own pancake art.

The prices are a little steep at $12.80 for a bottle of pancake batter, so it is better to go with a large group of friends so you can get all the different colours and split the cost. We had a lot of fun creating our own pancakes, and it really did get easier with every try.

Have you tried making your own DIY pancakes before? Comment below with a picture of your creation if you have!

Expected damage: $13 – $25 per pax

Eight Thirty Three: 21 Lorong Kilat, Sun Court, #01-03, Singapore 598123 | Opening Hours: (Tue to Thu) 12pm – 10pm, (Fri) 12pm – 11.45pm, (Sat) 10am – 11.45pm, (Sun) 10am – 10pm, Closed on Mondays | Tel: +65 6466 1811 | Facebook

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