ERGON: Contemporary Greek Deli & Cafe Chain Opens Its First Store In Asia At Suntec City With Honest Dishes For Reasonable Prices

Started by brothers Thomas and George Douzis in 2008, ERGON is a worldwide Greek deli & cafe, and this one in Suntec City is its debut in Asia.

As ἔργον (ergon) is a Greek word that means “vocation with a purpose”, it brings in high-quality artisanal food products from honest merchants that aim to provide the most authentic and down-to-earth experience for its patrons.

Decked in earthy hues, the brightly lit space welcomed me with a pleasant whiff of aromatic coffee and contains neatly stacked racks showcasing a wide variety of products from Greece.

By the looks of it, anyone with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) would definitely approve of these racks. For the folks that are hunting down authentic Greek wines, olive oil or any kinds of snacks, look no further.

For $11 per jar, bring home your favourite Mediterranean dips that are perfect for sharing during a party (way healthier than processed cheese dips).

Make sure to check out the pastries, freshly baked daily by Singapore’s very own Nick Vina Bakery.

For starters, we had the Stuffed vine leaves with tzatziki spread ($15), a traditional Mediterranean meze (small plate) that serves the sole purpose of whetting your appetite.

Stuffed with minty-tasting sticky rice and dipped in olive oil drizzled cucumber yoghurt, the Greek version of ba zhangs certainly tasted unique and sour.

Assorted spreads with pita bread ($24) came in four different and colourful flavours.

The Grilled pepper and feta (red) tasted very refreshing, Smoked aubergine (yellow) was pretty sour, the classic Tzatziki (cucumber yoghurt, white) was creamy and lastly, Taramas (smoked cod roe, orange) tasted a lot like bacon.

This giant olive oil vinaigrette drizzled Grilled Octopus on hummus ($24) was the highlight that came on a sourdough and a fresh bed of salad.

Just take a look at the trypophobia-inducing tentacle that totally did not come from Davy Jones. As I’ve never had grilled octopus for brunch, I was pretty enthralled by this dish.

On top of the distinctive grill aroma, the octopus was nicely tender and paired well with the hummus (Levantine chickpea dip) and olive oil. Together with the salad, this makes a really healthy brunch dish.

The Smoked mackerel with spring onions ($21) was a tangy dish that reminded me of pickled herring, and the sourness was definitely necessary to neutralise the mackerel’s fishy taste.

Flaky yet moist, the fish tasted really robust on its own. If you’re familiar with its Japanese cousin that is Saba shioyaki, give this Greek version a try.

What’s brunch without some good coffee? The Mocca ($6), made with hot chocolate and double espresso was rich and a perfect pick-me-up.

Iced Freddo Cappucino ($6.50) boasted a frothy, creamy top that gave me a milk moustache. I really enjoyed this one because the thick layer of froth managed to cut through the bitterness of the espresso, which made it easier on the palate.

The coffee beans used were Ergon’s exclusive Grandma’s Boy, which was skillfully roasted by Athens Roastery, an aromatic and sophisticated blend with notes of pine, cinnamon and chocolate.

At $8, get a taste of Kataifi (left) and Baklava (right), traditional Greek desserts made from filo pastry, walnuts and sweet syrup.

The only difference between them would be the use of shredded filo pastries for Kataifi and a non-shredded version for Baklava. As these desserts are extremely sweet, make sure to balance them up with a non-sweet drink.

A highly recommended take-home product would be the Sesame Flakes with honey ($4), a crunchy and versatile snack that works well with many ingredients.

One way to eat it would be using it as a topping for Greek yoghurt and honey, a deliciously sweet dish that is easy to make at home.

For most of us, trying an authentic Mediterranean meal at an overpriced Greek restaurant is probably the last thing on our mind. Centrally-located with a fresh concept, Ergon is well on making its way to Singaporeans’ hearts.

Now, we can count on Ergon to provide us with decently priced brunch and pastries that make us feel like we’re in Santorini. In addition, this cafe offers plenty of vegetarian-friendly dishes, which adds onto its cool-o-meter.

Expected Damage: $10 – $30 per pax

ERGON Deli + Cafe: Temasek Boulevard #01-365, Suntec Convention Center Entrance, 038983 | Opening Hours: (Mon – Fri) 8.30pam – 10pm, (Sat – Sun) 10am – 10pm | Tel: 8360 3616 | Facebook | Website