8 family-friendly local card games true-blue Singaporeans will enjoy

With the March school holidays just around the corner and holiday plans out of the window, some of you might be scratching your heads coming up with ideas to entertain the little ones in your family. Besides sending them for extracurricular activities, why not teach them essential social skills and foster their ability to focus through fun-filled card games that you can enjoy as a family? 

Whether you are into strategic, fast-paced or adrenaline-filled games, we have rounded up 8 family-friendly local card games that all we true-blue Singaporeans will enjoy. Now, it’s time to bond, release some stress and let the fun begin. 

1. Say What? Singapore’s Shiok Food

At SethLui.com, we sure love games related to the Singapore food scene and Say what? Singapore Shiok Food naturally earns its place on our play table. 

Singapore's shiok food card game

Claim yourself to be a true local foodie with the knowledge on all our delicacies? Then test yourself with this beautifully illustrated card game. The rules here are pretty straightforward. All you need to do is guess the most number of dish elements on the card described to you correctly, and you win—simple as that. 

Cards on the local card game singapore shiok food

But let me give you a warning before you get too excited. If you think that all the dishes are as easy as ‘Flatbread, Curry, Indian’, you probably have to evaluate your game strategy as there is definitely a curveball or two that will leave you exclaiming “What?!”.

So before you challenge your friends and family to the title of ‘I live to eat’ champion, it’s probably good to read some reviews on our local food before you get started!

Available on Shopee for S$25 

2. Hawker Life

There is no better way to celebrate the crowing of Singapore’s hawker culture as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage than with a local card game that aims to keep this unique culture alive in all our hearts. 

Local Card Game hawker life

Created for everyone who enjoys the hawker experience, Hawker Life is an action-packed game depicting the hustle and bustle behind running a hawker stall of your own. 

From collecting ingredients to opening up stalls and franchises, this game allows for fresh-faced newbies and roughed-up veterans to go head to head in a battle of wits to see who comes out as the ultimate Head Hawker in your community. 

Picture of cards in hawker life

Whether you compete or collaborate with your neighbours, the choice is yours. So, it’s time to start strategising and work your way to opening all the stores you own, which will lead you to become the next hawker king. 

Available on Shopee for S$25 

3. Happy Dim Sum

Welcome to Happy Dim Sum, a restaurant where you and your fellow diners will be served mouth-watering pieces of xiao long bao, har gow, and siew mai

Picture of local card game happy dim sum

Adhering to the polite Asian dining culture, your aim is to feed your friends to their fullest and fill their plates with these delectable treats to eliminate them from the game. Throughout the game, discover all the hilarious ways you can load other people’s plates while keeping your own clean and clear.

Cards in the game Happy Dim Sum

Besides getting help from Grandma, you can also choose to fight to pay the bill in order to create excuses so that you can pile more dim sum onto your friend’s plate and emerge victorious. 

This is the kind of dim sum you definitely won’t want to indulge too much on!

Available on Shopee for S$19.90

4. Bye Bye Virus

Inspired by real-life happenings amidst the current pandemic, Bye Bye Virus is an educational local card game that promises to bring joy into our daily life and educate the public on the importance of protecting oneself against the virus. 

Local card game bye bye virus

Keep yourself safe during a virus outbreak by collecting protective items and following socially responsible rules. Just like a real-life situation, the game will also throw you off your feet by presenting you with situations such as panic buying and other challenges that I’m pretty sure you will find surprisingly familiar.

A group of children and adults playing bye bye virus

While playing the game, why not take the opportunity to explain the importance of hygiene to your younger ones? Learning will definitely be much more enjoyable through fun and laughter. 

Available on Shopee for S$29.90

5. The Singaporean Dream

Work your way to being the perfect Singaporean by paying, stealing or sabo-ing your fellow citizens to fulfil your dreams. 

A picture of a deck of The Singaporean Dream

The Singaporean Dream allows you to start your life by choosing the persona that you want to take on. Be it an ultimate Aunty, a sassy Micro-influencer or a typical CBD Office Lady; the choice is yours.

Cards in the singaporean dream

With your ideal persona settled, it’s time to collect as many dreams as possible to earn yourself the title of ‘The Model Singaporean’. Be warned that your journey might not be all smooth-sailing as there will always be that player on the table who is secretly plotting to rob you of your assets and smash that ideal world you have planned out.

Available on Shopee for S$20

6. Kopi King

A deck of kopi king with cups in the background

Think that running a coffee shop is easy and that you have the wits, speed and agility to successfully do so? Then test your skills through Kopi King, an adrenaline-filled card game that tests your coordination and ability to ruthlessly snatch a card before your opponent. 

Cards in the Kopi King Deck

Paying ode to the uncle and aunties who are working tirelessly to serve us our daily cup of kopi and teh, Kopi King will give you a glimpse of what goes behind the scenes when it comes to making your favourite beverages. 

Now, you will finally know the difference between a cup of teh-c and teh-o and what exactly goes into your yuan yang peng

Available on Origame for S$20

7. Off Track!

Picture of a deck of off track

Like Saboteur, Off Track! is a strategic local card game that allows you to build MRT tracks to reach your desired destination. While the aim of an office lady is to reach the CBD, as a schoolboy, you will have to make sure you get to school—Ruffles Institution—on time for classes. 

Cards in off track

Since MRT trips are often not as smooth as we want them to be, expect cunning disruptors to interrupt your route with MRT breakdowns and tunnel floods. The good thing is, we still have the shuttle buses running from one part of Singapore to another. 

Now, this is one reality-based game, isn’t it?

Available on Shopee for S$30

8. Chope! The Card Game

A deck of chope with food at the sides

There might not be any packets of tissue involved, but Chope! The Card Game is as intense as the real deal. 

Before ordering your food, make sure to secure as many tables as possible by reserving a spot with your ‘tissue card’. Thereafter, gather your favourite hawker dishes and snacks in complete sets to win the game!

Cards in Chope deck

Be sure to look out for those annoying black mynahs that will come flying your way as they might be the main culprits that will sabotage your entire game. 

Available on Shopee for S$20

With all these local card games available, why waste your time binge-watching Netflix dramas or Disney+ movies? Instead, take the opportunity to bond and get to know your friends and family better through these stimulating games. It is usually during such times when one will reveal their true nature and character. 

If you are an adrenaline-junkie and think that card games are too dull for you, why not check out AJ Hackett Sentosa? Trust me. You will be in for a thrilling good time.