Five Guys Burger Chain From U.S. Likely To Open In Singapore End-2019

Five Guys Singapore 6

If you haven’t mustered the courage to brave the long queues at Shake Shack, you might want to try your luck at the end of the year with Five Guysopening. Famous for their sloppy, made-to-order burgers, this American burger chain is arguably more worth the wait.

Five Guys Singapore 3

The sloppy mess where everything spills out despite attempts at pressing down hard on the buns to keep it in is exactly what true burger lovers can look forward to at Five Guys’ opening.

Five Guys Singapore 4

Double patties in their signature beef burgers are all hand-formed, with you being able to choose any of their different 15 toppings with no additional charge.

I’ll probably opt for Five Guys’ “all the way” combination of mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, mushrooms, ketchup and mustard. If that’s not enough, other toppings available include jalapeños and steak sauce.

Five Guys Singapore 1

Five Guys are also known for their Fries (S$9.50) that are chunkier and tastier than regular fast food shoestring fries. Lightly salted or tossed with cajun spices, their crispy and fluffy fries is bound to win our hearts over.

Carl’s Jr’s fries to me are hands-down the best in our fast food scene and it seems like I might change my mind with the fries at Five Guys’.

Five Guys Singapore 5

Hard to come to terms with this, but we’re sure burgers are not everyone’s cup of tea. So for the handful out there, it’s still worth queueing up for their Cheese (S$9) or Bacon Hotdogs (S$10), or their Veggie (S$6.50) or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (S$7.80).

It’s always been a shame that the burgers that our local fast food chains churn out pale in comparison to places to those in the United States. Let’s hope quality wouldn’t be compromised and we’ll get a taste of the real deal we long deserve!

Dates & times: TBC

Prices: S$15 – S$20 per pax