First dibs: Are Flipper’s new seasonal Chilli Crab Pancakes all that we imagined them to be?

Flipper’s is known for their unique flavours as much as they’re known for their super fluffy pancakes. But this one caught me off guard. Chilli Crab Pancakes (S$24.80)— who would’ve thought huh? My taste is very much inclined towards keeping conventionally sweet dishes sweet as they are. So I won’t hide the fact that I went in to taste these limited edition pancakes with some skepticism on the side.

Flipper's - Bugis outlet

It’s all warmth and sunshine as I step into their Bugis outlet. It basks in the sunlight of the glass ceiling in Bugis Junction, and this is in addition to the minion-yellow colour that surrounds the café. Before diving into the dish for the day, I went for something light and refreshing: the Passion Fruit Soda (S$7.80). Don’t make the mistake of not stirring the drink like I did, or you would be left wondering why it tastes so sour. Once mixed, it’s well balanced and is great to kick things off with before you get to the heavier stuff.

Flipper's - close up of passion fruit soda

The dish was almost too pretty to be eaten. The first thing you notice is that they are more than generous with the crab portions. The layering goes like this: one pancake underneath, a crab patty on it, another pancake of top of that, and it’s all drenched in chilli crab sauce along with have some meat sitting on top of it all. I had no trouble at all getting the meat from the crab claw as it was well-cooked and slid onto my fork in one scoop. So you don’t have to worry about it being a messy meal, and the eatery’s slogan #ForksOnlyPlease is more than manageable.

Flipper's- Chilli crab pancakes

The chilli crab sauce wasn’t too spicy and had a tinge of sweetness to it that went really well with the pancakes. It’s a combo I would’ve not thought of. The crispy crab patty adds texture and has an interesting flavour. While I wasn’t a huge fan of it in the beginning, it grew on me towards the end. The crab meat was definitely the highlight, and I also couldn’t stop slathering the pancakes with the sauce to clean it up. It really was pretty filling.

Flipper's - kiseki passport

This limited edition item releases on 25 Aug 2022 and will be available until stocks last. They have a fascinating ongoing promotion called the Kiseki passport. Stamp your passport everytime you have one of their seasonal pancakes, and after 3 of them you get a free Kiseki pancake. After having done 6 of them you can redeem a free seasonal pancake and also stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to Japan!

So pop into this one to try out some insta-worthy food that does taste as good as it looks.

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