Flock Cafe (Ghim Moh): Singapore Cafe Review

Last Updated: March 2, 2015

Written by Samantha Tng

“The good new among old charms”

flock ghim moh cafe singapore

Located in a charming mature estate and surrounded by quaint small shops is Flock Cafe’s second outlet. Their Ghim Moh’s outlet adds a certain zest to the neighbourhood. We can imagine ourselves flocking over for a cup of iced coffee after running errands around the area.

Flock cafe singapore interior

A lot of thought has clearly been put into the decor and interior design at Flock. The space is modern and clean while the usage of warm lighting makes the place very warm and cozy – perfect for a long afternoon catching-up session with loved ones and I liked how the windows allow for maximum natural light. It’s lovely how they’ve managed to make the small space seem spacious and you don’t get the feeling like you’re intruding on the next table’s conversations.

As adorable as the written menu on the wall may be, it can also be quite hard to make sense of it when trying to decide what to order and when that happens, just approach any of the friendly staffs – they’ll be glad to be able to help.

Flock ghim moh sauteed prawn linguine

Sautéed prawn and dried shrimp linguine with spring onions and chilli padi ($14). Love their Asian twist with the linguine- the addition of hae-bi (dried shrimp) imparted a unique umami taste and complemented the plump and sweet sautéed prawns. There’s a tinge of spiciness from the chili padi, but not overbearing.

Every forkful was delicious as it picks up the olive oil coated linguine together with the hae-bi, spring onions and garlic flakes. It would have been perfect if the linguine was slightly cooked longer for a firm but not hard texture.

Flock cafe singapore cheeky eggs

Cheeky Eggs ($14). Brunch lovers will like this one, poached eggs with braised pork cheek all atop a piece of toasted brioche. So tender and full of flavours was the braised pork cheek that you can have it all on its own.

The toasted brioche manages to soak up all the marinades from the braised pork cheek and the combination with the thick yolk from the tender poached egg is really quite lovely. The entire dish was augmented by the hollandaise sauce and at Flock, they make it creamy and thick while the flavour was rich and buttery, going well with the sweeter notes from the braised pork cheek.

Flock cafe singapore Nyonya Fish Patty Sandwich

Homemade Nyonya Fish Patty Sandwich ($15). We were pleasantly surprised to see a not so typical Nyonya fish patty sandwich on the menu. Fresh homemade fish patty sitting on a bed of sour coleslaw and sandwiched between two Foccacia buns – we couldn’t wait to try it.

The fish patty reminded us of a more succulent and heavierl version of Otah – tints of lemongrass and ginger can be tasted but the spiciness may be too mild for some. There is also no fishiness to this patty. This sandwich has no lack of textures and is a result from pairing the springy fish patty with the light and crispy Foccacia.

Flock cafe lemon tart

Lemon Tart ($7). Who would have knew how much a punch this nondescript lemon tart packed and we meant this in a very good way. The lemon tart took us by surprise – the “jolt” of lemon essence in every bite was incredible and definitely wasn’t too sweet, the lemon curd was smooth and almost silky and the pastry shell isn’t flaky and holds itself together very well.

We were told that the pastry chef was trained in Le Cordon Bleu and this is the work of a pastry chef who clearly knows her stuff.

Flock cafe american cheese cake ghim moh

American Cheesecake ($7). A crumbly crust and silky cream cheese filling make this cheesecake a winner. Great taste, texture and creaminess. The cheesecake melts in your mouth yet delivers a solid mouthfeel – there’s a subtle sweetness to the cake and the creaminess of it makes you want to polish of the entire slice on your own.


For their coffee, Flock uses Liberty Coffee’s Speakeasy blend and coffee enthusiasts will know Liberty Coffee is serious in their business.

Flock cafe iced mocha

Iced Mocha ($7). The iced mocha was refreshing and provided some cool on that hot and sunny day however it was served more chocolate-y than coffee-y. The chocolate overpowered the coffee resulting in an overly sweet cup of diluted iced mocha.


Latte ($5). Unlike the mocha with a few misses, the latte, was rather spot on – smooth with an elegant caffeine kick. Between its rich flavour and warm, frothy milk, the latte here will steal your heart.

Flock cafe ghim moh

Good food and lovely ambience for the unpretentious crowd, Flock is one place we’ll definitely not mind flocking over. Seemingly away from the hustle and bustle of city life, we can already picture ourselves spending an entire afternoon idling away at Flock Cafe Ghim Moh.

We also spotted ample park spaces and for those of us who don’t drive, you’ll be happy to know it’s only a short walk from Bouna Vista MRT Station.

Expected Damage: $20 per pax

Flock Ghim Moh: Blk 21 Ghim Moh Road, #01-123, Singapore 270021 | Tel: 6710 7804 | Website

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