Flourful Delight 知味面点: S$4.50 Handmade Xiao Long Bao + Slurp-Worthy Dan Dan Mian in Golden Mile Food Centre

Hawker centres are wonders that never cease; you get a diverse selection of cuisine all under one roof. It’s a foodie paradise!

One such hawker centre has to be Golden Mile Food Centre—a sprawling complex with two whole floors of hawker stalls, it’s easy to try a different cuisine every time you visit.

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Well, this time I had an intense desire for dumplings, so you can imagine my delight when I found Flourful Delight tucked on the second floor. Flourful Delight is helmed by a father-and-son team, and specialises in Chinese comfort food with the likes of xiao long baodan dan mian and zha jiang mian.

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You’ll often find the duo methodically folding dumpling or tending to giant boiling pots. It’s always a therapeutic experience to watch dumpling made and I stood there longer than I care to admit.

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I began with the unofficial king of dumplings, the Xiao Long Bao (S$4.50). A firm favourite among many, there is nothing more satisfying than biting to a steaming dumpling and sipping on the rich broth. Not to mention, these are served in a bamboo basket, no less.

A delicate creation, many lesser stalls always falter at the thickness of the dumpling.

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It’s always too dense at the top or has too little folds twirled into the middle. Or the most sacrilegious of all, where the skin is so thick, it’s completely opaque. Seemingly minor foibles but one that greatly impacts your eating experience. I was pleased that Flourful Delight did not fall into these pitfalls.

The skin was thin and translucent but still strong enough to hold that precious stock. The filling was hearty and robust, and I dare say their xiao long bao can rival a certain famous chain. A little touch of zingy vinegar with a couple of strands of ginger and you’re golden.

They were so good, I was tempted to order a second basket.

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Knowing that I had to sample all that Flourful Delight had to offer, I couldn’t give in to my whims just yet. Another popular dumpling was the Wanton in Chilli Oil (S$4.50). A staple at the dim sum table, these piquant dumplings are sure to spice up any table.

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A little mix and the chilli oil will stain these off-white dumplings a dark apricot. Flourful Delight’s chilli delivers a swift addictive kick you feel at the back of your throat. The pork was well-seasoned with a smooth, firmer texture akin to meatballs. A well-executed dish that I would come back for.

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Seeing as Flourful Delight offers a whole host of noodles, I couldn’t walk away without getting my hands on some. Dan Dan Mian (S$4) is a no-brainer: this straightforward noodle dish is sure to be just as satisfying.

This usually comes topped with minced meat, chopped peanuts, a savoury spicy sauce with a dash of sesame sauce. The sesame sauce is meant to temper the spiciness from the sauce, a godsend for spice novices I reckon.

Flourful Delight 09

Gloriously rich, the noodles were generously coated with the spicy, nutty sauce. You’ll have to add a healthy lashing of vinegar to cut through the heaviness of the sesame sauce.

I was surprised that despite an almost copious amount of sesame sauce, these noodles still had a good amount of heat to them.

Flourful Delight 10

The noodles were soft and pliant but retained a satisfying bite to them. The minced meat was appropriately seasoned too— no complaints here. This did get a little cloying towards the end, so I suggest going heavy on the vinegar or chilli.

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Zha Jiang Mian (S$4) from Flourful Delight is another classic Chinese comfort dish that is sure to be a salve on especially trying days. If you’re thinking that it sounds similar to Korean Jajangmyeon, it’s pretty similar—but with a few key differences. Zha Jiang Mian is made with salty meat sauce with black beans, a sort of bolognese if you will.

The Korean counterpart comes with the addition of cabbage and potatoes, so there are slight nuances in terms of taste and texture.

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For this one, I liked the crunch and freshness that came with shredded carrots and cucumbers. The minced pork was soft and tender but lacked the punch for a gratifying slurp.

Flourful Delight is your trusty, dependable and down-to-earth hawker that will never let you down. I was truly impressed with their xiao long bao, a little less refined than big chains but delivering on flavour. Their noodles though not mind-blowing, have likeable simplicity and homemade quality that would certainly warrant a second visit.

Expected Damage: S$4.50 – S$8 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Flourful Delight 知味面点

505 Beach Road, #01-85, Golden Mile Food Centre , Singapore 199583

Our Rating 3/5

Flourful Delight 知味面点

505 Beach Road, #01-85, Golden Mile Food Centre , Singapore 199583

Telephone: +65 8118 1217
Operating Hours: 11am - 2pm & 6pm - 8pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 8118 1217

Operating Hours: 11am - 2pm & 6pm - 8pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

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