Food promotions & family bundles for huge savings these June holidays

The school holidays are one of the few times that the whole family can sit down to almost every meal together. Whether you are off on a staycation, too tired to drive, or short of time, here are some of the best family food bundle deals from around the island.

1. Chapter 55

food bundles - family fiesta bundle
Credit – Chapter 55

Chapter 55’s Family Festa Bundle has a little bit of everything for the family. You get soup, pasta, pizza, a pint of gelato and a frozen waffle. Now, that’s a balanced meal.

Chope Reservations

Find the details here.

Family Festa Bundle (3 to 4 pax)
Usual price: S$97.60
Bundle price: S$75

  •       Soup x 2
  •       Mains (pasta/meat) x 2
  •       Thin-Crust Pizza (12-inch) x 1
  •       Gelato Pint (370ml) x 1
  •       Frozen Waffle x 1

2. 8 Korean BBQ

family bundles - korean food
Credit – 8 Korean BBQ

Your family loves pork? There is no better bundle than the one from 8 Korean BBQ. Their 8 Colours Set is a splendid spread of pork belly in 8 different flavours.

Make a reservation at 8 Korean BBQ outlets: Shaw Centre | The Central

ChopeDeals: Save 10% at 8 Korean BBQ (The Central)

Find the details here.

8 Colours Set (3 to 4 pax)
Bundle price: S$98

  •  8 flavours of Pork belly

3. Pagi Sore

food bundles - promo poster
Credit – Pagi Sore

Pagi Sore’s Family Combo I is aimed squarely at families with kids. Their Indonesian cuisine set allows you the option of no chilli, too.

Find the details and more family combinations here.

Family Combo I (Families with Children) (3 to 4 pax)

Bundle price: S$90

  •       1 x Kangkong Belachan
  •       1 x Tahu Telor
  •       1 x Kepak Isi Pasgedel
  •       1 x Ikan Goreng Balado (Meat)
  •       1 x Udang Mentega
  •       2 x Emping Belinjo
  •       2 x Sambal Belachan
  •       4 x Nasi Putih Pagi Sore


4. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut consistently offers some of the best package deals of any islandwide chain. The Party Box includes 3 regular pizzas and 3 sides.

See the details here.

Party box (7 to 8 pax)

Usual price: S$103.70

Bundle price: S$50.50

  •      2 Large Pizzas
  •      Choice of 2 sides
  •      10pcs Cinnamon Breadsticks


5. KFC

food bundles - kfc chicken
Credit – KFC

KFC’s Mega Feast really deserves the ‘mega’ tag. For fans of chicken, there is no better deal anywhere.

See the details here.

Mega Feast (5+ pax)

Bundle price: S$65.95

  •       15 pcs Chicken (Original Recipe / Hot & Crispy)
  •       12 pcs Nuggets
  •       2 Popcorn Chicken
  •       4 medium Whipped Potato


6. Canadian Pizza

food bundles - canadian pizza promo
Credit – Canadian Pizza

Canadian Pizza’s Party Bundle is probably enough for 2 families but gives you a massive dose of savings. Perfect for a family gathering now that restrictions on mingling have been lifted.

See the details here.

Party Bundle (8 to 10 pax)

Bundle price: S$108.90

  •       1 XL Standard Pizza
  •       1 Medium Super value Pizza
  •       1 Medium Super value Pizza
  •       24 Pcs Chicken Drumlets
  •       4 Pcs Garlic Bun
  •       20 Pcs Pandan Churros Balls
  •       2 Coca Cola 1.5 Ltr


7. Udders

food bundles - udders ice cream tubs
Credit- Udders

An ice-cream meal, you say? Count us in! The Perfect 10 Bundle from homegrown ice-cream specialists Udders is delivered in an exclusive Udders cooler bag and with dry ice to keep it at its freshest and most delicious.

See the details here.

Perfect 10 Bundle (1 to 10 pax)

Usual price: S$60.60

Bundle price: S$48.50

Bundle contains 10 100ml cups in these flavours:

  •       Singapore Chendol
  •       Mao Shan Wang Durian
  •       Cookies & Cream
  •       Awesomely Chocolate
  •       Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla
  •       Salted Speculoos
  •       Earl Grey
  •       Alphonso Mango Sherbet
  •       Rum Rum Raisin
  •       Baileys & Bourbon

Now gather the family and friends, and take your pick with the best family food bundle deals we’ve shared here. Happy feasting, fellow foodies!

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