Foodology Fresh: Singapore Restaurant Review

“Fuss free fresh food”

Foodology fresh singapore

Located just across from Maxwell food centre, Foodology Fresh provides an alternative and cooler place to refuel. Foodology Fresh is nestled in The URA Centre and offers a multi-sensory dining experience that boasts a self-serve concept, giving diners the freedom to customise their meals. The 800 square feett space is brightly lit and welcoming with its modern earthy interior.

Foodology - Self Service maxewell

The food selection area is further categorised into hot and chilled. We liked how well spaced the entire area was, allowing us to select our food choices without having to worry about holding up other diners – this can be quite daunting during lunch hour!

Foodology - Chicken Stew

Chicken stew ($4.80). The stew was more soupy than stewy and came with generous chunks of chicken meat, carrot and onion. The chicken broth was quite mild tasting but I liked how the soupy nature doesn’t fill me up as much as stew usually does, allowing me to have a more fulfilling lunch. This stew is sugar and lactose free.

Foodology - Brown Rice Salad 2

Brown rice and pomegranate salad ($7.50). I never thought I would see the combination of rice and pomegranate, just the thought of it is somewhat odd. However, I must say that in the case of Foodology Fresh’s brown rice version, the combination works well.

The nutty and chewier flavour and texture of the brown rice is balanced with the sweet juicy crunch of the pomegranate. Drizzle the accompanying dressing for addition tart flavours. If you’re feeling extra hungry, this is the salad to go for. This salad is also suitable for vegetarians.

Foodology fresh - Smoked Duck Beetroot Salad

Smoked duck breast salad ($8.50). So many flavours and textures in one bowl. Here we have diced smoked duck breast, beetroot, sweet potatoes, feta cheese and caramelised walnuts tossed with meslcun and red chicory and combined with the tangy orange balsamic dressing. It’s truly a mouthful – in a good way.

I liked how the feta cheese balances out this otherwise too tangy salad mix and also the combinations of textures. Crunchy from the nuts and leaves, soft from the potato and cheese. The beetroot served here doesn’t contain that raw-gritty mouthfeel, which is a good thing.

Foodology fresh - Club Sandwich

Club sandwich ($7.50). Don’t we all love a good club sandwich ? Fresh and healthy ingredients sandwiched between 3 slices of wholemeal bread, I can eat this anytime, anyday. Not to mention the ingredients’ stuffed within are extremely generous. And if you’re too full from eating everything else or rushing for time, this sandwich comes in a super convenient packaging for takeaways or munching back at your office desk.

Foodology - Salmon Asparagus Quiche

Salmon and asparagus quiche ($5.80). This savoury open-faced pie was baked well, flaky crust and not too soggy. The quiche also had a good amount of ingredients. The packaging is incredibly cute, perfect for taking away and having it for tea later.

Foodology - Savory Muffin

Chicken ham & cheese muffin ($4.80). Savoury muffin with the perfect density, we were very intrigued to know how they managed to bake such a lovely savoury muffin. Unlike normal muffins, savoury ones are tricker to bake and get right. This chicken muffin has very strong cheese flavour and contains chicken ham bits, it was a little too much for only one to handle but good for sharing. Oh, and it is sugar free!

Foodology - Tandoori Chicken Wrap

Tandoori chicken ($8.80). The chicken tikka comes with a slight punch of spices, nothing too strong nor overwhelming though. The spice is equalised by the slices of fresh cucumber , lettuce and mayonnaise. I liked how the onion-chilli raita (yoghurt sauce) livens up the plain ol’ mayonnaise to create a tantalising dressing. Better than your average chicken wrap definitely.

Foodology - Strawberry Yoghurt Tart

Strawberry yogurt tart ($5.80). The chilled yogurt tart is somewhat slightly frozen. The texture is not mushy but rather firm – lovely. There’s a strawberry flavoured layer whereby the texture resemble ice cream and the crumbly crust was a good complement. If you’re a berries fan, this tart won’t do you wrong.

Foodology - Drinks

Apart from the usual coffee, tea and soft drinks. Foodology Fresh also carries an interesting variety of bottled natural drinks. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Organic Ginger Beer!

Foodology - Selection

The whole concept of fuss free healthy dining is really fresh (no pun intended). We appreciate how everything was well thought out – from the self-service grocery layout to the food menu that fulfilled five health criteria; vegetarian, sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and no trans-fat. The friendly prices also mean that not only is it healthy for the body but also for the wallet.

Expected Damage: $10-$20/pax

Foodology Fresh @ The URA Centre: 45 Maxwell Road #01-02, Singapore 069118 | Tel: 6223 9724 | Website