Frenzlink Cafeteria: Choose From 8 Types Of Noodle Dishes For Only S$2 A Bowl At Clarke Quay

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Everybody knows the pain of eating out; the closer you get to town the more expensive food gets. Thankfully, you can hit up Frenzlink Cafeteria for some cheap but good noodles for lunch.

Located at South Bridge Road, this small eating house is constantly packed with students and office workers looking to get a filling meal with just $2.

The wanton mee and bak chor mee were already sold out when I visited at 12pm, so make sure you head down earlier if you want all the choices available.

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The Mee Rebus ($2) was pretty hearty, with a thick gravy that was slightly sweet and had springy yellow egg noodles to go with. Topped with a hard boiled egg, shallots and bean sprouts, the dish was definitely filling and value for money.

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The Mee Siam ($2) was a little confusing; the soup had a prominent flavour of coconut milk, and was too watery.

However, if you’re just looking to fill your stomach, the beehoon came in sufficient amount, which was topped with eggs, bean sprouts and tau pok.

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My favourite bowl of noodles was the Prawn Mee ($2). The broth was delicious, sweet and packed full of prawn flavour from the long hours of boiling the soup.

The noodles were a little starchy though, but I’ll let it pass since it’s adequately topped with prawns, fishcake and shallots. For just $2, the soup exceeded my expectations.

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One of my favourite things about laksa is the cockles served in it. Sadly, the Laksa ($2) at Frenzlink doesn’t come with any prawns or cockles. Disappointing.

But considering its price point, I shan’t complain. Regardless, the gravy had a good level of spice and the coconut milk was evidently strong in flavouring the broth.

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The Lor Mee ($2) comes in close to being the second of my favourite dish. The noodles were doused in the thick vinegary sauce that coated each strand nicely.

The braised pork was tender, with the addition of a lu dan (braised egg), and ngoh hiang. The crispy bits of fried batter added a nice crunch to the dish, along with the bean sprouts.

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The Fishball Noodles ($2) came with the addition of char siew and minced meat, a little different from what you’ll usually get. The soup wasn’t anything to shout about, but the fishballs were decent and there was a good amount of fishcake slices.

Frenzlink Cafeteria is definitely one of the better places to eat at if you’re on a budget. The quality might not be the best, but for $2, I really enjoyed the Prawn Mee and the Lor Mee.

Expected damage: $2 per bowl

Frenzlink Cafeteria: 62 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058692 | Opening hours: 6am – 3pm daily