Home BBQ grills that are fume-free & perfect for a socially responsible stay-in night

As we temporarily bid goodbye to all the dining out and soju nights with our favourite K-BBQ and mookata, it’s time to get innovative and put our search engines to work with the discovery of home appliances that can bring the joy of dining back within the comfort of our own home.

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A few ways to liven up a meal for 2-pax again, here are some products to make your meals at home engaging with these fume-free BBQ grills that are not only convenient to use but also promise none of the usual lingering smoke associated with grilling. 

1. Korean Portable Mini BBQ Grill 

Korean Portable Mini Bbq Grill

Who says you can only enjoy Korean BBQ  in restaurants? This Korean Portable Mini BBQ Grill makes it the perfect size for you and your companion for a cosy stay-in night. The Korean Portable Mini BBQ Grill comes with a solid fuel that can be used for up to 24 to 30 minutes. Lightweight and portable, once we’re released from the rules of restriction, simply take this Korean Portable Mini BBQ Grill to a park or fit it in your camping gear to enjoy. We gotta make plans for the future right? Priced at S$44.40 with free shipping, the Korean Portable Mini BBQ Grill is definitely worth your purchase. 

Shop the Korean Portable Mini BBQ Grill here

2. Electric Kebab BBQ Machine 

Electric Kebab Bbq Machine

Picture yourself grilling up some tasty homemade satay or tender ribs all while sipping on an ice-cold beer—how refreshing. Designed specifically for indoor barbecuing, the Electric Kebab BBQ Machine comes with a top cover design and a transparent glass pan to allow you to keep an eye on your grilled sticks while making sure that there is no excessive smoke. Originally priced at S$288.48, the Electric Kebab BBQ Machine is now going at 50% off (S$144.24) with free shipping

Shop the Electric Kebab BBQ Machine here.

3. Charcoal Barbecue Grill 

Charcoal Barbecue Grill

If the Electric Kebab BBQ Machine isn’t enough, this fast and high-efficiency Charcoal Barbecue Grill ensures that your seasoned wings and steaks are ready in just three to five minutes, with its special ventilation system. Simple and safe to use, the Charcoal Barbecue Grill consists of six simple parts that are very easy to install, disassemble, and clean. With the exception of its black main body, every part can be used in a dishwasher for thorough cleaning. The Charcoal Barbecue Grill also comes with a travel bag that allows you to take it anywhere you please. Originally priced at S$98.60, this sleek-looking Charcoal Barbecue Grill is going at a 6% discount (S$92.60) with free shipping and a year warranty. 

Shop the Charcoal Barbecue Grill here.

No more complaints from your neighbours and your mum about making the laundry smell bad. Get one of these fume-free home BBQ grills with some pork belly, short ribs, beer and soju, switch on Netflix and you are ready for a cosy stay-in night with your family or partner—doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to turn meals at home into a more entertaining affair? 

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