Hold your dragon; Game of Thrones is going on Broadway in 2023

So, there are some things we don’t talk about in TV land. Like the disappointing finale to Dexter and the ending of Game of Thrones. Alas, all hope is not lost. There are whispers of a Game of Thrones play that’s in the works and maybe this is the redemption we need. Here’s looking at you David Benioff and D.B Weiss.

Young Ned Stark in Game of Thrones
Credit – HBO

Now, for some of the good stuff. While the play has no title and a lot of things are up in the air, here is what we do know. This play will take place between 16 and 20-something years before the events of Game of Thrones. The play will centre on some of our favourites (many who are already dead, spoiler alert) such as Ned Stark, Catelyn Tully, Oberyn Martell, Jamie and Cersei Lannister, and Mad King Aerys.

They will appear in their younger forms to tell the story of how the Game of Thrones really began. If you’re an avid watcher and /or reader, you’ll already know which significant event I’m referring to. The one that started it all, the Tourney at Harrenhal. A simple jousting tournament that was all but the catalyst to the start of Robert’s Rebellion.

The tower of joy
Credit – HBO

As we all know, the tournament was where Prince Rhaegar Targaryen formally declared his interest in Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna in spite of his marriage to Princess Elia Martell and Lyanna’s betrothal to Robert Baratheon. The story gets juicier when Rhaegar and Lyanna ran away together, married in secret, and gave birth to Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen.

Of course, George R.R Martin will be writing the story and this play is scheduled for release in 2023 where there will be concurrent productions in New York, London, and Australia. Let’s hope by that time, Ms Rona would have ended most of her world tour and we can enjoy the drama of the Tourney as we imagined it.

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