Do Your Bit For Your Favourite F&B Establishments By Purchasing a Gift Card With ChopeAndSave to Redeem at a Later Time

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global outbreak, with its continuation to expand. The situation evolves by the day with unprecedented public-health and economic responses. With stricter protocols imposed by the Government, many businesses are thrown in a curveball as customer footfall continue to decline, as they brace for a significant hit on their revenue even with tax budget relief aids.

Chope, a colloquial term known by many Singaporeans, refers to the act of reserving seats in food centres, with items such as tissue packets or umbrellas. This idiosyncratic way of reserving could possibly be a practical life hack, only made better by ChopeAndSave.

As businesses are only as strong as the communities of which they are a part of, ChopeAndSave is an initiative to help businesses out during this unpredictable time, by providing resources needed to mobilise loyal customers to their favourite cafes and restaurants.

An initiative adapted from the base app SaveourFaves, Kaitlyn & Mike Krieger—a husband and wife duo in San Francisco—built the base app in which ChopeAndSave was modified. To help businesses stay afloat with sales plunging, the platform rolled out options to purchase gift cards straight from the eateries with no added service fee. Essentially, a mini-loan, one can purchase one now and make a plan to use it later.

In this trying time, your favourite local places might close indefinitely. Help them tide through this crisis by buying their gift cards! An ostensibly small gesture, a collective effort can go a long way in helping businesses gain some income to stay afloat through the crisis.

You will be reciprocated with scrumptious food, love and gratitude.  Share with your friends to encourage them to join the movement to support their favourite businesses. Together we can play a part and #chopeandsave!

Dates & Times: N.A.

Prices: From S$10