Ginett: French Wines Starting From Only $6 A Glass To Pair With Delicious Food At Middle Road


I strongly believe in the adage “you get what you pay for”, so when I heard that you could get glasses of wine flown in from France for just $6, I did a double take. My first thought was “nay, the wine is probably so cheap because it’s not that great“. But I was pretty blown away when I went down to Ginett at the newly revamped Hotel G on Middle Road.


The large glass windows allowed the natural light to flood into the restaurant, making it bright and airy; absolutely gorgeous. I’m a big fan of the use of tiles, and the marble counter at the bar brings everything up a notch, but let’s get to the food.


Starting off with the 1 Meter Board ($54), I was amazed at the variety of cheeses and cold cuts that were available at Ginett. Granted, you don’t get to choose because the items on the board are the daily specials, but with stuff like Fourme a’Ambert blue cheese, Brie de Meaux, Parma ham and chorizo, what more can you ask for?

The 1 Meter Board comes with five cheeses, five cold cuts and a pate that’s handmade fresh every day. The board is accompanied by pickles and a small plate of honey infused with rosemary and thyme that contrasted the cheese nicely.


At the recommendation of the friendly hostess, I chose a glass of the Domaine des Hautes Troglodytes, Saumur Champigny 2014 ($6 per glass, $30 per bottle). The wine was light and dry with subtle floral notes, and at $6, it was definitely beyond my expectations.

With over 70 wines available, there’s bound to be something for everyone.


If the cheeses and cold cuts aren’t enough for you, try the Sweet Potato Fries ($8). The fries are sweet and crisp, without the grease. I asked if these were baked but surprisingly, they were fried. If you avoid fried foods because of the oiliness, these fries will change your mind.


For lunch, I highly recommend the Free Range Organic Rotisserie Chicken ($$12 for a quarter chicken, $18 for half a chicken, $24 for a whole chicken). The chicken is flown in from France and the meat was tender and juicy with nicely browned skin.

The only quibble I had with this was the amount of potatoes served on the side. The potatoes were crazy good with crisp skin and a fluffy interior, but I was sorely disappointed when the last one went into my mouth. I would certainly appreciate the chicken coming with a few more potato chunks.


One of the most interesting desserts here is the Teh Tarik Tart ($8). Made with actual tea and whipping cream, this dessert is both sweet and savoury at the same time, the tart shell is crumbly and buttery, and goes well with the creaminess of the teh tarik ice cream on top.


If you’re in the mood for something lighter, try the Basil Panna Cotta Tart ($8). I’m always a little hesitant about panna cotta because if the texture isn’t right, the entire dessert is ruined. Thankfully, the panna cotta here is not only insanely aromatic thanks to the basil, but it had just the right amount of wobble to it.

Topped with dollops of cream and berries, I felt like this was the perfect dessert to end my meal with.

Expected damage: $20 – $50 per pax

Ginett: Hotel G, 200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980 | Tel: +65 68097989 | Website | Facebook | Opening hours: 6am – 2am daily