Glacier, Lavender: “Every bite is a flavour-filled firework”

The East might be monopolising the reputation of having the greatest number of aesthetic cafes equivalent to heaven for any brunch fanatic, but how long can they reign supreme for? Just a stone’s throw from Lavender MRT is a myriad of cafes and dessert places, and joining most of our to-visit lists is Glacier.

the interior of glacier

This all-white, minimalist café is opened by the folks behind Onalu Bagel Haus. I think fondly of my visit there all the time and jumped at the chance to visit Glacier, to see if they’d leave me just as satisfied and impressed.

What I tried

basil pesto pasta

If I had to eat one dish every day for the rest of my life, the answer would not be anything except a solid Pesto alla Genovese. After trying pesto for the first time in 2019, my life was changed, and I now look at that herby green paste with red hearts in my eyes. It’s for that reason that I immediately went for Glacier’s Basil Pesto (S$18).

The homemade basil pesto is fragrant and the portion of fusilli heaping, though I found that it left quite a bit to be desired. It’s definitely a Meatless Monday contender, though I would’ve appreciated an option to add on meat to make this meal more substantial. My main gripe was the use of cherry tomatoes, which lacked the tangy bite that piquant sundried tomatoes give when paired with pesto.

a photo of salmon mentaiko don from glacier

I know it’s not an overstatement to say that we Singaporeans are hardcore fans of these two ingredients—truffle and mentaiko. We’re drawn to them like moths to a flame, myself included, which was the Salmon Mentaiko Truffle Grain Bowl (S$20) might just give you the best of both worlds. This rainbow wonder consists of a baked Atlantic salmon fillet glazed with Nikiri sauce, topped with mentaiko, a sous vide egg, and served atop a bed of short-grain truffled rice.

a close up photo of salmon

It’s indeed a mouthful—admittedly a very delicious one. This is a vibrant medley of creamy mentaiko, a salmon fillet that melts in your mouth with juicy tenderness, and crunchy vegetables for textural contrast. The truffle flavours were overshadowed as a result, a real bummer because a good pairing of mentaiko and truffle sounded like an unbeatable combination.

desserts from glacier

If you’re one who can’t resist a good pandan waffle available at heartland bakeries, Glacier will satisfy that craving with their elevated rendition. Their Pandan Mochi Waffle (S$8 a la carte, S$12+ with gelato) is worth a revisit—the extra chewiness from the mochi was the much-needed edge that set this apart from your perennial waffles-and-ice cream combination. 

The waffle is served topped with coconut flakes and served with sweet gula melaka, a unique iteration of ondeh-ondeh that you never knew you needed until you tried it. 

Smaller in size but no less decadent and worth the calories is Glacier’s Babka (S$7), available in black sesame, chocolate, or matcha. Have it topped with gelato (+S$11) for that extra sweetness, and go to town on chewy, rich, goodness. It might remind you of a marble cake looks-wise, but this braided brioche has fillings inside, giving it the additional spark that sets it apart.  

a shot of glacier french toast

The cream of today’s crop was their Glacier French Toast (S$16). It looks abstract, maybe even a little cluttered, but if you close your eyes and allow the taste buds to do the talking, you’d never want to eat anything else again. The soft caramelised banana was a nice touch and juxtaposed the crunchiness of the nuts and seeds crumble.

With the honey mascarpone, edible flowers, and fluffy brioche toast, this was a sight and taste to behold. Every bite is a flavour-filled firework, and I have absolutely no complaints, except that I’m not digging into a plate of it right now.

Final thoughts

a flatlay of glacier's menu offerings

This botanical-themed, farm-to-table concept will mean that you can feed both yourself and your Instagram feed (pun intended, as always). The minimalist interior, paired with the low hum of nearby customers might just be the cure-all if you’re in need of a weekend reset. Pair it with a hearty serving of something indulgently sweet, and you’ve got all you need to gear up for a busy week ahead.

Expected damage: S$7 – S$20 per pax

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Our Rating: 4 / 5


161 Lavender Sreet, #01-09, Singapore 338750

Our Rating 4/5


161 Lavender Sreet, #01-09, Singapore 338750

Operating Hours: Sun to Thu (10am - 10pm), Fri & Sat (10am - 1am)

Operating Hours: Sun to Thu (10am - 10pm), Fri & Sat (10am - 1am)