A closer look at Goodbees — food sponsorship & how to use it

It’s not the first time we’re all hearing about goodbees, Singapore’s first food sponsorship marketplace, but many are still not quite familiar with how it works just yet. It’s understood that we’ll get to do good, but how exactly; that’s explained in detail in goodbees’ latest YouTube video with actress Munah Bagharib and goodbees founder Ansari.

Screengrab of goodbees video

The two sit down to explain the “who”s and “what”s of the app, such as information on who is suitable to be a food sponsor, as well as those eligible to be beneficiaries of the programme.

Both individuals and corporate organisations can use the app for sponsorships, making the initiative as accessible and inclusive as possible—so that the convenience of doing good can truly be kept to a maximum, as it should be.

Screengrab of goodbees video

This programme ensures that everyone will be able to enjoy fresh food regardless of their income bracket, so long as they’re registered under the list of beneficiaries with goodbees.

Aside from sponsorship, volunteering is also a way to help at goodbees. Occasionally, there will be a call for volunteers to partake in charity activities with goodbees, such as pick up and delivery services and aid in packing meals.

To find out more about the app and how to navigate it, you can watch the full-length video here:

Download the goodbees app via the app store or Google Play now.

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