Exotic Japanese fruits now available at Don Don Donki for a limited time only

A little birdie once told me, Fukushima Prefecture is one of Japan’s leading producers of delicious fruits. And in that whole pretext of ‘New Year, New Me’ nonsense, I’ve taken it upon myself to have more fruits this year—especially ones that are unheard of. Enter, the exotic Oshu and Anpo-gaki: Japan’s humongous coconut-weighing, pear, and semi-dried persimmon with a jelly-like interior.

As we all know, Japan has a vast food culture, especially when it comes to its fruits. So, why not take the opportunity to have a go at not one but two of their unique fruits?

Image of persimmon
Credit – PIXTA Inc

First up we have the exotic anpo-gaki: a semi-dried persimmon that originated from Fukushima, and is usually around from December to February. Granted it doesn’t look like the regular persimmons we’re used to seeing at the local supermarket, the anpo-gaki has a taste profile similar to a natural sweet than that of a fruit. 

Image of half-cut persimmon
Credit – PIXTA Inc

Its flesh being as smooth as silk isn’t the only thing that makes this special orange fruit stand out, for the inside of the flesh is jelly-like, extremely juicy, and sweet. It’s also loaded with Vitamin A and β-Carotene, and helps with the prevention of colds. 

Image of pear

When I think of pear, the colours green or yellow immediately come to mind, not orange. Let alone one as huge as a coconut. The oshu is the last variety of the season, and is usually harvested in the early winter. They say size doesn’t matter, but with the oshu, it obviously does; even the small ones weigh more than 500g with some large ones weighing up to nearly 1kg. Insane! 

Image of pear slices

Here’s the fascinating part, its flesh is white and dense, however, biting into it will give you an explosion of sweetness. Like guava, it is crunchy yet contains a lot of water. Additionally, the oshu is also known for being a popular gifting item because it is sold in Japan towards the end of the year. Amazing, huh?

Close up of a slice of pear

If you’re all about the exotic fruit culture, the two unique fruits are currently on sale at Don Don Donki and various Japanese retailers for a limited time only at a seasonal price. I’ll leave this piece here on the account that once you try either of these fruits, you’d definitely be going back for more in no time. So, hurry on and grab your fill before they run out! 

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Bangkok Food System Co.,LTD.

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