Hop on the train to jaw-dropping savings this holiday season with the GrabFood Blockbuster Sale

As the famous saying from ‘Titanic’ goes “You jump, I jump”, mine is just slightly different when it comes to chilling on the weekends. You order? I order. Teamwork makes the dream work, especially when the GrabFood Blockbuster Sale is running jaw-dropping deals for jaw-dropping meals!

Grab Blockbuster Sale Banner
Credit – GrabFood SG

From now till 12 December 2021, gear up for a mega sale unlike any other. With up to 50% off deals, 1-for-1 promos, free delivery, and more, the highly anticipated event of the year is one for food delivery junkies like you and me, to enjoy the best deals, savings, and more. 

What I tried

Eager to get your snacks for Christmas gatherings sorted? With the GrabFood Blockbuster Sale, the only thing you need to fret about is your movie marathon lineup. As for me, Popeyes is what I’ll be munching on as I binge on my movies.

Grabfood Blockbuster Sale - Popeye's

During the GrabFood Blockbuster Sale, Popeyes 6+4 Bundle is just one of the many delivery gems we all get to enjoy. 

Originally priced at S$41.80, this box of golden goodness is now going at 50% off, at just S$20.90! Let’s recap a little; I’m talking about six large crispy chickens, four chicken tenders, and two large mashed potatoes. 

Grabfood Blockbuster Sale - 6+4 Bundle

Some might call it the Christmas miracle; I prefer to see it as my sign to check out all the deals during the GrabFood Blockbuster Sale. Consider this your next go-to movie marathon snack bundle for friends as you invite five of them over—finally!

You can access all the various deals via your Grab app, simply click on the Blockbuster icon. I ordered my 6+4 Bundle through the GrabFood app—do keep your eyes peeled for other deals with up to 50% off.

Popeye's Cajun Fried Chicken

One thing I doubt I’ll ever be able to give up is fried chicken. It’s quite easily my ultimate go-to party food for movie marathons and chill catch-ups over the weekends. Nothing beats watching a classic film like ‘Titanic’ or thriller movies like ‘Jaws’ and ‘Train to Busan’, as I sink my teeth into golden crispy fried chicken—oh-so-succulent and savoury.

Customise your fried chicken options and choose from Spicy or Mild as you order. Half and half will satisfy your both spice-lovin’ and ‘I’m bad with spicy food’ friends. 

With a batter so thick and crunchy, it’s a good distraction during tense movie moments. 

Popeye's Chicken Tenders

The 6+4 Bundle also comes with a boneless option, Chicken Tenders. While I can’t speak for everyone, my favourite way of eating Popeyes tendies is to dip it in their Mashed Potato for the perfect bite. 

Amp up the excitement as you watch your favourite blockbusters while digging into Popeyes spicy Cajun Fried Chicken at the GrabFood Blockbuster Sale—the best online event right now to enjoy more food for less.

Final thoughts

Grabfood Blockbuster Sale - Popeye's 6+4 Bundle

Since we’re finally back to five pax gatherings, the GrabFood Blockbuster Sale couldn’t be more timely for the long-awaited movie marathons and slumber parties. Fret not; there are no sinking ships, zombie trains, or predatory sharks waiting to get you while you check out this mega GrabFood-app-only sale.

Psst – here’s a tip: look out for Mid-week Spotlights for selected brands and Daily Flash Sales with up to 60% off deals, from 3pm – 5pm! Find out more over on the GrabFood app for the full list of participating merchants with free delivery, buy-one-get-one-free specials, and other exciting steals.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with GrabFood.

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