12 Unexpected Items You Can Buy On GrabMart

Remember those ‘Circuit Breaker’ days when only essential businesses were open? When our only trip out of the house was to do a quick grocery run because we were strongly advised to stay indoors as much as we could?

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Credit – GrabMart

Well, times have changed and the situation has improved, but we’re certainly not out of the woods yet with the pandemic. And that’s where GrabMart is here to assist you! While we’re all busying ourselves with meetings while working from home and still trying to maintain safe distancing, we might not want to venture out too often or unnecessarily to purchase necessities for the family.

The GrabMart platform is more than just another avenue to purchase snacks and drinks. You can get your groceries, buy your essentials, and fulfil various miscellaneous needs from beauty, to party and gifting.

Here’s how:

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Credit – GrabMart

Just to showcase to you how diverse GrabMart’s merchants are, here are 12 unexpected items you’ll be able to buy from the platform and get delivered straight to your doorstep within an hour!

1. Fresh Seafood

Kuhlbarra Kuhl Feast Online

Fresh ingredients might not be the first things on one’s mind when it comes to GrabMart, but it’s time for a switch in mindset! There are numerous merchants ready to deliver fresh seafood to you, with brands such as Triton Seafood Market, Apollo Marine, and Kühlbarra, just to name a few.

Triton Seafood Grouper Online

Cooking up a pescetarian family meal? Kühlbarra’s Kühl Feast (S$90) has four portions of barramundi (200g each) and four portions of salmon (200g each) that are all individually packed, deboned, descaled and never frozen. Alternatively, if you’re looking for affordable portions, Triton Seafood Market’s Live Hybrid Grouper (700g – 800g) comes in at a wallet-friendly price of only S$30.

You won’t have to panic and run out to buy fresh seafood when it’s this convenient!

2. Pet Food

Cat Food Online

Having two cats of my own, I know the predicament of suddenly realising you’re out of cat litter or cat food because you’ve been so caught up with work. I’m especially grateful that GrabMart is able to come save my cats’ (and my) day with their handful of pet food merchants on their platform.

Floof Dog Brew Online

Pet Stop SG carries your big-brand pet food like Hill’s Science Diet (from S$24) for cats and dogs and creamy treats for your kitties, courtesy of Aixia Miaw Miaw (from S$4.90 per pack). FlooF SG is great for doggo owners who love to provide fresh food for their pups, as they offer set meals (from S$4.60) like FlooF Chicken Bowl, FlooF Mutton Bowl, and FlooF Turkey Bowl

Get this; they even have their very own FlooF Brew (330ml)(S$13.10), marketed as ‘non-alcoholic Dog “Beer” ’, which is in actual fact a nutritious bone broth packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals, making it great for digestion and joint health.

I reckon it’s about time we treat our furkids to a taste of the good life, no?

3. Fresh Fruits

Ultimate Detox Online

If there’s any time to eat healthier, it’s now. Building our immunity, alongside an active lifestyle, will not only ensure our antibodies are in tip-top shape, but it’ll also make us feel great about our bodies.

Stock up on your vitamins with GrabMart which gives you easy access to fresh fruits any time of the day. H&Z offers not only standalone fruits, but also juicing bundles for those of you who love blitzing your smoothies at home. At just S$14.90, their Ultimate Detox Juicing Box is packed with 15 apples, 15 oranges, 10 carrots, and 10 lemons—just what you need to start your day!

SLH Fresh Fruits and Durians is also a great option if you’re looking for all cut fruits, whole fruits, fruit juice, and yes, durians! They’re selling a whole 1.3kg Honey Pineapple for only S$3, while a Korea Pear goes for just S$1.80. Their durians are de-shelled and individually packed with their Black Gold MSW sold at a steal of S$39.

Now, there’s no excuse not to get more fruits into our diet—all thanks to GrabMart’s convenient platform.

4. Meats and Cheeses

Providore Parma Ham Online

Need to put together something quick for a gathering?? Then hop over to GrabMart and you’ll quickly find merchants like Providore for your meat and cheese needs. The best part is you can order it pretty last minute—when I logged in, the ETA was 45 minutes(!)—and you can build a hearty board of Parma Ham (150g) (S$19.80), Fior di Cotto (150g) (S$12.38), Lindenhoff Gouda Truffle (100g) (S$17.60), and Xavier David Comte (100g) (S$17.05).

The Meat Club Online

The Meat Club will come in handy when you’re planning on cooking a beef stew for dinner, but realise you’re all out of beef. Their Grain Fed Angus Mince – Australia (Frozen) (500g) (S$17.50) will definitely be more than enough to feed the family, as well as the Cage Free Whole Chicken – Australia (Frozen) (1.2kg) (S$20.50).

Whatever your grocery needs, GrabMart is here for you!

5. Flower Bouquets

Kingpin Floras Online

Want to send someone a birthday greeting or surprise them on their birthday? One of the best ways is to gift that special someone a flower bouquet, and GrabMart has plenty of choices available.

For example, Kingpin Floras allows you to show your affection in a big way with their grand bouquets, like a Billionaire Blooms (Large) (S$298), where you can select a colour swatch and they’ll put together a wonderful bouquet for you. Xpressflower also has handheld bouquets, for those looking for a modest bouquet.

Flora Connoisseur Online

Sweep your sweetheart off her feet with 9 Stalks Red Roses Value Packed (S$56), or perhaps 3 Stalks of Purple Gerbera Value Packed (S$35). Floral Connoisseur’s bouquet boxes are adorable and perfect for beautifying one’s WFH desk—imagine giving your eyes a break as they glance over at the Cotton Candy (S$75) sitting pretty in the corner.

Impressing someone doesn’t have to be tedious and inconvenient!

6. Cold-pressed Juices

Pure Nectar Online

Thinking about going on a juice cleanse, or simply want to introduce juices to your diet? Cold-pressed juices are all the rage now, and you can easily order them from Pure Nectar. Their cold-pressed juices have absolutely no heat involved in their extraction, so all the enzymes and vital nutrients are kept intact.

Kick-start your road to good health with their Mix & Match bundle (three bottles) (S$18.60) or target specific needs with their Olympian (2 x 300ml) (S$15.60) that’s loaded with pineapple, red apples, and red beet for a boost in energy and detoxification.

Pure Nectar Cold Brew Cashew Latte Online

They even have speciality nut mylk bottled drinks, which is a great alternative for those with lactose sensitivities. From just browsing their menu, I’m already tempted to try their Cold Brew Cashew Nut Latte (2 x 300ml) (S$19.20).

Here’s to toast to good health!

7. Times Bookstore

Times Bookstore Online

It might be hard to imagine that anyone these days reads paperback books, but honestly there’s nothing more comforting than thumbing your way through a gripping novel while sipping on a warm drink on a lazy weekend afternoon.

If you’ve run out of reading material, there’s Times Bookstore to your rescue at the click of an ‘Add to Cart’! There’s a curated list of Fiction, Non-fiction, and even Children’s titles to pick from, so you—and the kids—won’t need to let boredom get the best of you.

Times Bookstore Online2

As a self-professed crazy cat lady, I highly recommend The Travelling Cat Chronicles (S$21.40) by Hiro Arikawa, a moving tale of a man and his cat and how he learns about life and himself through the loving and observing his beloved feline companion.

Or perhaps you’re looking for some guidance on how to declutter your personal space? Then Marie Kondo’s Joy at Work (S$25.95) is a great first step to organisation. Pick up a book or two without having to step out of your house—now’s the best time to pick up reading again!

8. DIY Bubble Tea Kits

Gifel Fine Teas Diy Bubble Tea Online2

I know the craze with bubble tea isn’t going to die soon, so why not inject some fun into this bubbly drink by attempting to make it yourself, right in the comfort of home? Gifel Fine Teas carries exclusive DIY bubble tea kits that come with everything you need to quench your thirst and craving for bubble tea.

Their refreshing DIY Strawberry Hibiscus Bubble Milk Tea Kit (four servings) (S$25.36) is easy to follow and can be made either hot or cold. The best part is that you can, of course, choose the sweetness level you prefer, which is, honestly, sometimes the most important part of bubble tea.

9. Keto-friendly Bakes

Seriously Keto Online

Did you know that, besides finding common grocery staples and snacks on GrabMart, you can also find keto-friendly bakes? I certainly didn’t, but after perusing through their list of merchants, I came across Seriously Keto, one of the more well-known players in keto-friendly food products in Singapore.

Seriously Keto is great for catering to friends or family members who are following a keto diet, especially when you want to send them a mindful sweet treat. Their Red Velvet Cupcake (S$5.90) is a luscious number that packs all the same flavours as a non-keto version, and you can order them individually or as a box of nine (+S$44.10).

Seriously Keto Online2

They also offer some baking assistance in the form of KetoBun RediMix (S$18), a pre-mixed box of KetoBun flour, and their very own KetoBun Enhancements Recipe Book (S$15), an anthology of keto-friendly recipes to get you started on your keto-venture!

10. Kaluga Hybrid Caviar

Kaluga Caviar By Caviar Colony Online

Looking to create a fancy date night in? There’s no need to search high and low for the fancier stuff, like Kaluga Hybrid Caviar. Zairyo Japanese Gourmet Grocer carries this exquisite product, chilled.

Kaluga Hybrid Caviar Online

The Kaluga Hybrid Caviar by Caviar Colony (20g) (S$90) will be perfect for an intimate meal at home. I’m sure your partner will be impressed by your taste, and even more surprised that you managed to source for this on GrabMart.

All you need now is a bottle of bubbly and a home-cooked meal to show them just how much they mean to you. And remember, you can find all the ingredients you need from other merchants on GrabMart!

11. Bath Bombs

Bathbomb Flings Online

Thought that GrabMart only offered food items? Think again. If you’re fancying a dip in your tub and want some last-minute fizziness to go along with it, you can quickly hop on the app and search for ‘Bath Bomb Flings’.

Bathbomb Flings Online2

There, you’ll find an array of bath bombs with aromas like Breath of the Bahamas, Cafe Latte, and Lavender (S$15 each). They even sell powder bubble baths if you’d like to try, because I surely would (if I had a tub at home, to begin with!).

So, sit back and sink into a bubbly bliss, because now you’ll have constant access to great smelling baths any time you want!

12. Plant-based Meats

Beyond Meat Online

I know you can find plant-based meat in some supermarkets but the trouble is, they might not always be available. Now, you have a trusty partner in GrabMart, where SaladStop! Market is on-hand to provide you with Impossible and Beyond Meat products whenever you’re looking for them.

They sell Beyond Meat Burger Patties (four per pack) (S$30.50) and Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage Patties (four per pack) (S$22) so you’ll always have plant-based patties on-hand for when you plan to build burgers and hearty breakfasts for everyone at home.

Impossible Meat Online

There’s even Impossible Shittake Patties (five per pack) (S$11.90) if you’re a fan of mushrooms—I know I am—and Beyond Meat Stew (500g) (S$10.90) that’s ready to be consumed once you’ve simply heated it up.

Time to pick out some recipes for the next meat-free Monday!

GrabMart is currently having an Unbelievable Deals promotion where you get to enjoy up to 50% off selected items from groceries, snacks to beauty products on GrabMart. Previous brands on sale include Colgate, innisfree, Shell Select, and many more. New deals drop every Thursday with limited stocks, so keep watching Grab’s social pages and app to find out more!

Stocking up the home with food and household items is definitely something I find satisfying; knowing I am well-equipped with all the necessities puts my mind at ease. GrabMart takes the hassle of going out to a physical store, even for the quickest grocery run, which also means you’ll be staying safe at home.

*This post is brought to you in partnership with GrabMart.

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