5 Local F&B Brands Come Together To Brew & Dish Out Love To Staff At NCID

Last Updated: March 10, 2020

Written by Felicia Koh

Bernie Sanders once said, “Difficult times often bring out the best in people”. Having witnessed tragedies that revealed the cold and heartless face of mankind, I used to be on the fence with this statement. However, with the recent happenings around the world, my opinions changed as stories of kindness and unconditional sacrifices unfold every day in front of me. 

As we all know, the impact of COVID-19 is hitting the world hard with the continuous increase in infected cases and the vast global spread. Despite these tough times, our daily lives in Singapore seemed rather undisrupted all thanks to our tight governance and more importantly, the unsung heroes at the frontline.

Ncid Food Online 1

To show gratitude and as a form of ‘Thank you’ to all the tireless staffs working at NCID, several notable local F&B brands like Labyrinth, Keng Eng Kee, Jam at Sirihouse, Pezzo Group and Sanity Coffee will be pooling their resources to bring about some joy to our heroes through what they know best, food and drinks.

Ncid Food Online 3

Credit – JAM at SIRI HOUSE

Be it through restaurant proceeds or directly from the kitchen, these five brands will be doing their part in providing delicious food and drinks to fuel everyone, working day and night at NCID. As customers, let us also support and contribute to this meaningful effort by dining in these restaurants.

Just by enjoying good food, we are also showing our appreciation to the angels in white and the other working staff who are battling the virus at the frontline!

Ncid Food Online 4

Credit – Labyrinth

Aside from 20% off lunch and dinner for all NCID staff at Labyrinth, the restaurant, together with Jam At Sirihouse, will be using the following proceeds to purchase food from Keng Eng Kee and Pezzo Group.


  • S$20 per dinner customer
  • S$80 for every bottle of corkage charged
  • S$40 for every full bottle of wine sold

Jam At Sirihouse

  • 50% of the sales from the Jam and Toast dessert
  • 30% of the sales from the newly launched Lounge Cocktails

Anyone can make a difference, no matter how big or small. So, here’s a quick glimpse at what the other brands are doing to show their love and appreciation.

Keng Eng Kee

  • S$2,000 upfront donation will be allocated to purchase halal food from Pezzo Group for the frontline staff of NCID
  • To match dollar for dollar in food value for any orders placed by Labyrinth or Jam at Siri House to be delivered to NCID

Pezzo Group

  • 1-for-1 on food orders from Labyrinth and Jam at Sirihouse and Keng Eng Kee across selected products from Pezzo, Big Bird, Project Pizza, and Hey Yogurt brands to be delivered to NCID directly without delivery charges

Sanity Coffee

  • 20% discount for all staff at NCID
  • To donate complimentary coffee to NCID on an ongoing basis
Ncid Food Online 2

Credit – Sanity Coffee

Money may be tight but there’s always food to fuel and keep our heroes going. Although these F&B brands are not at the frontline, its always heartwarming to see Singaporeans supporting each other through such initiatives. 

Inspired? Well, you can also play a role by making donations for the purchase of food for NCID by just emailing to [email protected]!

Dates & Times: From March 2020

Prices: N.A. 

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