Gudetama Cafe: Get Eggcited For Singapore’s First Lazy Egg Cafe


Joining the ranks of other popular themed cafes including Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Singapore, Pompompurin Cafe and most recently the pop-up Pokemon cafe, Gudetama Cafe Singapore is finally opening its doors to the public.

Wait no more because everybody’s favourite lazy egg from Sanrio will be brought to life in the form of cafe fare on Wednesday, November 30th at Suntec City.

Brought to you in partnership between local brands Joe & Dough and The Soup Spoon, the menu is said to feature many dishes styled after Gudetama himself.


Aside from the lovable Gudetama-themed food, the 23,000 square feet cafe is also designed with an egg-ish flair. Featuring ceilings that resemble waffles and animated wall prints, everything looks incredibly aesthetic and thematic. 


There are even egg-shaped booths in the corner that encapsulates diners while Gudetama watches them eat. 


But that’s not all, chairs shaped like eggs are also scattered around the front of the cafe. I imagine all these would be very Instagram-worthy.


Gudetama Lobster Onsen ($16)

One of the sides Gudetama cafe serves is a thick and luscious lobster bisque held within a crusty bread bowl. Placed smack in the centre is a poached egg specially designed to look like Gudetama. Accompanied by seasonal greens, this was a decent starter.


Rib “I” Don’t Care ($28.50)

As a main course, we had the chargrilled prime Angus ribeye steak (200g) with a side of creamy mushroom sauce and garden vegetables. Of course, the mashed potato is stylised as Gudetama with a speech bubble of the slang “Nua”, which is Hokkien for “lazy”. The steak itself could’ve been more tender but I enjoyed the greens. 


“I’m Cold” Smoked Salmon Benedict ($26.90)

In one of their brunch specials, Gudetama is featured as a pair of poached eggs wrapped in smoked salmon and smothered with a yuzu Hollandaise sauce. Sitting on a mashed avocado brioche toast, he is truly the very definition of idle. This comes with seasonal greens, as well.


“Are You Busy” Burger ($27.50)

With a double prime beef patty, melted cheese, bacon and a sunny-side-up wedged in between Gudetama brioche buns, this will surely make for a hearty combination. As with any burger meal, fries and a dip are served on the side.


Big “Nua” Breakfast ($25.90)

Another breakfast special, the Big “Nua” Breakfast is appropriately named indeed. Complete with bacon strips, spicy pork bratwurst, sauteed mushrooms, greens, two sunny-side-ups and a baked brioche, it can’t get any more filling than this.


Straw-Very “Lazy” ($8.50)

A refreshing drink, this rose tea is infused with strawberries and spruced up further with lychee and blueberries. You even get to sip up the tea in a Gudetama glass.


“Ta-ma-go” ($17.90)

Interestingly, their desserts are designed to look like main courses. What appears to be Tamago sushi are in fact egg sponges placed on top of cheesecakes that are coated with rice pops. Eaten with maple syrup and a matcha “wasabi” curd, I enjoyed this significantly more than the main dishes.


So the question is, does the food tastes as good as it looks? I’d say my verdict would be that it tastes decent but as with every themed cafe out there, the novelty of the design is definitely the main thing it has going for it. 

Still, it is undeniable that the Gudetama concept is cute as can be, thanks to the stylised dishes co-created by local bento Artist, Little Miss Bento. Expect to find savoury main dishes, sides, brunch items and desserts along with a drink selection- all inspired by the character in his famous nonchalant fashion.

Fans of Gudetama and fervent cafe-goers will most certainly have something to look forward to. Till then, hibernating under a bacon wrap is an option I’m sure many of us can resonate with.

Expected damage: $18 – $38 per pax

Gudetama Cafe Singapore: #01-61 Suntec City Mall, 3, 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983 | Opening: 30th November | Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday (9am – 10pm), Friday – Sunday (8am – 10pm) | Facebook