Get Boozy With These Decadent Chocolates By Guinness & Baileys Only Available At Fairprice Finest

Last Updated: February 12, 2020

Written by Brunella Ng

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Want to enjoy some alcohol without getting tipsy? Baileys and Guinness have the perfect treat for you, especially if you’re a chocolate lover! 

Baileys and Guinness have recently released a line of chocolates flavoured with the respective alcohol and they’re currently sold at Fairprice Finest outlets across the island.

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To begin, I dug into the most “luxurious” looking package which contains Guinness Milk Chocolate Mini Caramels (S$9). The cone-shaped packaging was quite the show-stopper, with little gold packets packed inside the box. 

Guinness Baileys Chocolate 2 4

The mini caramels contain a luscious Guinness filling that is slightly molten and perfect for sweet tooths like me. I really enjoyed biting into the rich chocolate which had a slight hint of Guinness. It definitely didn’t seem too alcoholic, so I highly doubt you’d ever get drunk on these sweet treats. 

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Next up was the Guinness Chocolate Truffles (S$9), with a slightly more rustic packaging and contained mini bronze-wrapped chocolate truffles. Made with a chocolate ganache centre and coated in cocoa powder, these chocolate spheres are pretty addictive.

Guinness Baileys Chocolate 9 4

These chocolate truffles had quite a sticky centre, unlike a normal chocolate truffle. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed this version. 

Guinness Baileys Chocolate 4 4

Similar to the truffles, I tried the Baileys Chocolate Mini Delights (S$6.50) that were also spherical and had quite a potent alcoholic kick to it. The packaging for this was slightly less extravagant, but instead, more versatile because of its resealable function.

Guinness Baileys Chocolate 5 4

 The Baileys paste was creamy with a lovely hint of Irish whiskey, just the way a regular Baileys drink would taste. 

Guinness Baileys Chocolate 6 4

If you’re not a fan of mini chocolate treats, you could also opt for the chocolate bars and slowly nibble on these boozy sweet bites! My favourite out of the two was probably Guinness Dark Chocolate Bar (S$5).

This bar is also the best I’ve had so far from all the chocolate variations I’ve tried. The bar had just enough booze to accompany the dark chocolate and since I’m a big fan of dark chocolate on its own, this bar really won me over. 

Guinness Baileys Chocolate 7 4

The other chocolate bar that I tried was the Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar (S$5) which was honestly a tad too sweet for me.

Guinness Baileys Chocolate 10 4

Since it’s caramel and chocolate, it’s naturally quite a sweet combination. The caramel certainly looked very appetising when it oozed out of the bar, so those of you with a sweet tooth will love it.

If you’re a lover of Guinness and Baileys, I’d say this is definitely worth the try. Besides, it wouldn’t exactly burn a hole in your pocket! 

Dates & Times: Now available at Fairprice Finest outlets

Price: S$5 – S$9 per item

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