Guschlbauer: Try Austrian Oozing Cheese Buns At This Bakery In Waterway Point

Cheese mookata, cheese tarts, cheesecakes, it’s pretty evident that our love for this dairy product runs deep. Guschlbauer in Waterway Point ticks Cheese Buns off our bucket list, and adds another item to our list of favourites.

Guschlbauer Bakery 1

Originated in Austria, this bakery rich in history has brought its quality offerings to sunny Singapore, after spreading the joy to multiple other countries. The menu in Singapore may not be as extensive as in other countries, but that just makes it much easier to try everything on the menu.

Of course, you can find the famous Cheese Bun Original in Singapore. In addition to that, they have three more flavours which are unique to the Punggol branch. We tried all four flavours, so you won’t have to face the same dilemma we did initially.

Guschlbauer Bakery 7

The Cheese Bun Original ($5.80) is a wedge of bread and slathered with a cheese mixture. This fully stuffed bun is then dipped into milk powder, which sticks to the cheese filling.

It may seem like there is a whole lot of filling in the bun, the good news is there is. But the cheese is so good you’ll actually want more. It’s a mild cheese filling that balances savoury and sweet well, so you won’t get tired of it easily.

Guschlbauer Bakery 14

The milk powder also adds a nice fragrance to the bun. I expected the bun to have a texture similar to cake, but it turned to be more sturdy but at the same time moist and chewy.

Guschlbauer Bakery 12

Another flavour that uses the same cheese mixture is the Cheese Bun Tiramisu ($5.80). While the cheese mixture remains the same, the bread and coating are different.

This particular flavour makes use of coffee flavoured bread and cocoa powder as the coating.

Guschlbauer Bakery 15

This one hits pretty close to home in terms of likeness to actual tiramisu as it has the right balance of bitterness from the cocoa, cheesiness from the filling, and coffee flavour from the bread. But alas it’s bread, not sponge fingers so the texture is something that wasn’t replicated.

Guschlbauer Bakery 6

Moving on to more exciting flavours, we also got the Cheese Bun Matcha ($5.80), which was quite impressive given that it’s easy to go overboard with matcha. This plain bun was filled with matcha cheese filling, and coated with matcha powder.

Guschlbauer Bakery 16

Overall, this bun was the most fragrant of the four and had the strongest flavour. Having said that, it is a matcha bun that most people can enjoy as there isn’t a bitter aftertaste and tastes like a mild matcha latte.

Guschlbauer Bakery 5

The next one would probably tickle the fancy of chocolate lovers. As its name suggests, Cheese Bun Chocolate ($5.80) comes with chocolate cheese filling and has its edges sealed with a generous amount of quality chocolate shavings.

Guschlbauer Bakery 19

Most of the chocolate flavour actually comes from the chocolate shavings on the outside as the cocoa powder in the cream cheese filling didn’t do much to make it taste more chocolatey.

Perhaps, this is because the cheese on its own has a flavour that easily masks the chocolate.

Guschlbauer Bakery 8

Not in the mood for sweet treats? Try the Kissling ($8.80) which is a larger, savoury version of the Cronut. This croissant-doughnut has a light and flaky exterior and a moist and chewy centre.

To make things even better, the Kissling boasts a mixture of garlic, sugar, and butter in the centre. This garlicky concoction gives the Kissling an almost nostalgic taste, similar to the one you’ll get with garlic bread from old-school bakeries.

Guschlbauer Bakery 13

Out of all the items we tried that day, the Kissling was by far the most value for money, as it was more than double the size of the cheese bun, and only cost slightly more.

My favourite is still the cheese buns though, the fact that I’ve made a return trip to get more of the cheese buns just goes to show how addictive they are. Considering the quality you get when you buy a cheese bun, it actually isn’t too unreasonably pricey.

Guschlbauer Bakery 3

The satisfaction you get when you take a bite out of the soft bread filled with the fragrant cheese filling just makes up for everything else.

However, I feel like these are more of a special occasion treat, as my wallet simply cannot keep up with the cheese bun lifestyle.

Do give them a try when you have the chance to, as I’m pretty sure it’ll leave you with no regrets.

Expected Damage: $6 – $15 per pax

Guschlbauer: #01-K16 Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Facebook