Haidilao Hot Pot to release new Mala Milk Broth soup base and dishes like Beef in Milk Bath on 10 Feb 2023

The combination of hot pot and cold weather is something that’s made in heaven. And with the current sweater weather situation, it’s never been a better time to have a piping hot steamboat meal, specifically at Haidilao Hot Pot as they are releasing their new Mala Milk Broth along with other new dishes including drinks and dessert on 10 Feb 2023!

haidilao interior

Usually, mala is widely known for being aromatically tongue-numbing and needless to say, spicy. However, the Mala Milk Broth puts a new spin on it as the melded-in milk makes it makes this a mildly spicy affair with an emphasis on creaminess.

Continuing with the milk theme is the upcoming Beef in Milk Bath dish, which has beef cubes in a bowl of milk. Whilst it doesn’t make for a good cereal substitute, having beef in milk actually helps to tenderise them because of the mild acid found in them without damaging the proteins.

Haidilao Hot Pot - Mala Milk Broth
Credit – Haidilao Hot Pot

The other new dishes include Tobiko Chunky Prawn Paste, Sichuan Beef Tongue, and Konjac Slices. There are also new carb options such as Sweet Potato Noodles and Waterfall Potato Strings, the latter of which only takes 8 seconds to be crisp and tender.

With so many new dishes, it’s only right to have a new line of refreshing palate cleaners, and Haidilao Hot Pot doesn’t disappoint us with its new Fizzy Strawberry Pop and Fizzy Sour Plum Pop. Additionally, there’s even the new Brown Sugar Lava Rice Cake dessert to end off your hot pot session on a sweet note.

It’s time to get your reservations in!

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