First dibs: Hawker Wars is the newest Singaporean card game celebrating local culture

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It seemed like only recently when locally-inspired card games like Hawker Life, Teabbles, and a host of other innovative games rose to greet us. And now, from the creators of The Singaporean Dream, here’s yet another fun way to pass time—by ruthlessly competing against your pals to emerge as the best of them in all in Hawker Wars, of course.

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Good for four players, each is assigned a hawker card through random card drawing. You’ll soon come to realise that this identity holds importance because opening hawker stalls corresponding to your character and culture will earn you additional points.

The objective of Hawker Wars is to be the first to cook as many dishes as you need to reach the target number of points to win. Each stall card—hokkien mee, fish head curry, kueh, mee soto, and more—has an assigned number of points, but you get an additional point for each stall that you open corresponding to your hawker identity.

A close up of a hokkien mee card

To open your stalls, you need to place down ingredient cards according to the dish’s recipe, but don’t you worry yet if you’re lacking the needed ingredients, the Black Market exists for a reason. Using one out of the two moves you’re given at each turn, you can swap out two ingredients for one of your choice.

A layout of the Hawker Wars game

Finally, keep a lookout for the event and action cards that will send tables turning and add heat to the game that you’ll never see coming.

A close up of 'dabao' card

Most of all, we love how Hawker Wars brings people together (or divides them temporarily in-game, whichever) and lets locals and non-local like bond over our beloved hawker culture, especially since it’s been recently declared on the UNESCO intangible culture heritage list.

Hawker Wars has launched on Shopee at S$20, with free shipping and cashback on the app.

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