[CLOSED] Hello Baby: Vegan Chilli Crab Mantou Sliders & Beyond Meat Burgers At Chinatown Food Street

If you have friends who are on a vegan diet, you’ll know it’s a struggle to find places with affordable and tasty vegan food.

We chanced upon Hello Baby, a fast food kiosk by HRVST right in the middle of Chinatown that your vegan friends will love.

Hello Baby 1

Hello Baby offers messily good sliders and burgers suitable for the vegan palate. This new concept emphasises that vegan food is tasty and can be seen as a form of fast food. Besides, Chef Addis feels more at home serving up sliders by the street.

Nestled amongst other street stalls, Hello Baby stood out with its royal blue and white banner. The cosy kiosk seats only two pax at a time, customers can also choose to stand around to eat. Otherwise, takeaways are pretty common too.

Hello Baby 3

I started with the Chilli “Crab” Mantou Sliders (S$10), which came in threes. Hello Baby replaced the crab in this dish with enoki mushroom slathered in chilli crab sauce.

A generous portion of enoki mushroom filled the golden fried buns, and each bite was slightly crunchy with savoury notes.

Hello Baby 12

Even though there was no crab in this slider, the spicy sauce itself tasted sweet and was just as delicious as dipping a golden fried mantou into a bowl of chilli crab sauce.

Hello Baby 8

Hello Baby offers two versions to their Beyond Meat burger, the Ang Mo Burger (S$15) and the Local Burger, which will be on the menu very soon. You can get the burgers with a meal that comes with a side of potatoes and a drink.

The Ang Mo Burger is a vegan take on the regular cheeseburger. Paired with the vegan patty was basil ketchup, kroodi cheese, pickled zucchini and beetroot chips, all on a bed of lettuce and vegan mayo. Sandwiched between toasted brioche bun, the burger looked wholesome and full.

I’ve always felt that it’s difficult to find vegan food that tastes good. But boy, this burger hit almost all the right notes. The patty wasn’t greasy and each bite was full of juicy goodness. Despite being made with proteins primarily from peas, it resembled the taste and texture of meat.

Hello Baby 10

The sauces and cheese were completely vegan and had earthy notes which complemented the burger well, giving it a more robust flavour. Hello Baby’s creation has the addition of the pickled zucchini, which I absolutely loved. It gives the classic cheeseburger a twist of tangy flavour and a crunchy texture with every bite.

Chomping on a burger by the street reminds me of being in Bali, where the only proper meals I had were burgers, sliders and beer. Hello Baby definitely gave off the street vibes!

Hello Baby 7

Hello Baby designed the Local Burger to fit the Asian palate; smooth vegan satay sauce and homemade achar were sandwiched together with the patty between warm brioche buns.

Hello Baby 9

I’m someone who loves achar but eats satay without the grounded peanut sauce, so I wasn’t too sure if I would love this burger. But to my pleasant surprise, the sauce had a smooth and buttery finish, and unlike other satay sauces, this one wasn’t chunky at all.

Together with the achar, the burger had sweet and zesty notes, making it refreshingly tasty. If I had to pick, this would be my favourite burger, simply because it tasted so much like home.

Hello Baby 11

When it comes to dessert, you can almost never go wrong with chocolate. Hello Baby offers a vegan chocolate cake that’s made in-house. The Nut Butter Chocolate Cake (S$6) definitely hits the sweet spot.

You would think that an eggless and milk-less chocolate cake will be light and spongey but this chocolate cake was extremely rich. Covered in ganache and filled with homemade nut butter, it was creamy in every way possible. You should definitely try this for a sweet ending to your meal.

For all you vegans, Hello Baby is the perfect kiosk to grab your messy sliders or rich chocolate cake. Even if you’re not vegan, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy every bit of their creations. Drop by Chinatown Food Street if you’re up for a tasty treat.

Expected Damage: S$10 – S$20 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Hello Baby

10 Trengganu Street, Singapore 058464

Our Rating 4/5

Hello Baby

10 Trengganu Street, Singapore 058464

Telephone: +65 8738 5770
Operating Hours: 12noon - 9pm (Wed - Mon), Closed on Tue
Telephone: +65 8738 5770

Operating Hours: 12noon - 9pm (Wed - Mon), Closed on Tue