First dibs: Hellu Coffee — Quaint CBD cafe offers unique creamy take on regular coffees and tasty croffle flavours

There have been a lot of coffee establishments on the up and rising, and Hellu Coffee is one of them. Their location is right in the CBD, perfect for everyone to get their morning cup of coffee during rush hour.

You will find the newly opened Hellu Coffee at Far East Square, near the popular sandwich stop, Korio. Even though its exterior deceivingly unassuming, you can pop your head through its entrance to say hello. It is a hole-in-the-wall cafe for an easy catch-up with friends. 

Hellu Coffee 2

From the outside, the dark wooden panels that hugs the door entrance make the cafe look Japanese-inspired. As they are still currently in their soft launch, only a portion of their menu will be available. The rest of it will be obtainable from 28 Jan 2023 onwards.

Hellu Coffee 1

The whole frontage gives me quaint Japanese cafe vibes— peaceful and unassuming, just like how it looks. The small benches and tables set at the side of their cafe also acts as a make-shift workplace for those who need to send out a quick email.

Hellu Coffee 3

I was looking forward to trying out their coffee beans and pastries served at Hellu Coffee. Unfortunately, when I visited, their coffee machine was down. They still had all sorts of drinks available so I settled with a Hot Matcha (S$7).

My beverage was served in a cute cup that I later found out was handmade by the lady boss herself. She mentioned that she made this in Thailand along with all her other ceramic cups available at her cafe. There’s a saying that states that things are “handmade with love”, and this love is shown in her drinks as well.

The luxurious high-grade powdered drink was very palatable and whisked into a frothy suspension. Unlike some versions where the matcha goes slightly bitter after not giving it attention, theirs remained lightly sweet and easy to drink.

This made me excited to try out their Signatures that would be available once they officially open. The attendant at the store went on to share with me about their Signature Creamus— a drink that I would liken to cheese bubble tea or cream bubble tea.

She describes it to have a decadent frothy layer on top of your drink selection, turning up your typical coffee orders up a notch. From White Creamu (S$7.50) to Dirty Creamu (S$9.50), you get the best of both worlds while enjoying another layer of added flavour.

Hellu Coffee 4

For now, the pastry selection is limited to sweet croffles only, so I opted for the Dark Chocolate Croffles with sea salt (S$6). The hybrid pastry of a croissant and waffle actually caught me off guard. The texture was slightly more chewy as compared to a typical flaky croissant, but not as dense as a waffle is, retaining a perfect in between of crispiness and flakiness.

For their savoury menu, they offer interesting inclusions such as Maple Bacon Croffle (S$7.9), and Spicy Tuna Croffle (S$7.90).

I can’t wait to try out what Hellu Coffee has to offer when they open up more options on their menu!

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Hellu Coffee

137 Amoy Street, Far East Square, #01-05, Singapore 049965

Hellu Coffee

137 Amoy Street, Far East Square, #01-05, Singapore 049965

Operating Hours: 8am - 6pm (Mon to Fri), 10am - 4pm (Sat), Closed on Sun

Operating Hours: 8am - 6pm (Mon to Fri), 10am - 4pm (Sat), Closed on Sun