Hi-Chew Grape-Flavoured Candy Gets Revamped Into Ice Cream Bars Available In Japan From 29 May ’17!

Hi-Chew Sweet Candies ONLINE

Hi-Chew Candies have always been my go-to comfort sweet — bringing back fond memories of times when I would sneakily eat it in class.

The classic grape flavoured fruit chew is my all-time favourite with its firm yet chewy texture. Though it may seem just like an ordinary rectangular block of candy, the best part is its purple center filled with natural grape fruit juice flavour, making the candy juicy upon chewing into it.

In a bid to revamp Hi-Chew Candies, Japanese confectionery company Moringa is recreating the candy into an ice-cream bar. From 29th May 2017, grape-flavoured Hi-Chew ice cream bars will go on sale in convenience stores all across Japan.

Hi-Chew Ice-Cream Bars ONLINE

You can expect the ice-cream to be as good as the candy — or even better. The soft inner centre will be surrounded by a sweet, slightly tart textured, with a grape-flavoured outer shell.

Hi-Chew Ice-Cream Bar packaging ONLINE

There is nothing better than a cool, refreshing, one of a kind ice-cream bar to beat the summer heat. Check out all of Japan’s convenience stores for this summer treat at only 130 yen each (S$1.60).

Let’s just hope it won’t be too long till we get a taste of this Hi-Chew Candy ice cream treat in Singapore!

Expected Damage: 13o Yen (Approx. S$1.60) 

Hi-Chew Ice Bars: Convenience Stores Across Japan