5 restaurants with plant-based dishes that’ll tempt you to try a flexitarian diet

You know the plant-based movement is on the rise again when you start to see your favourite foods being converted into vegan-friendly versions. Yes, and I’m talking about burgers, karaage, quesadillas and even ramen.

At the helm of this new green wave is Hoshay Food, the new kid on the block offering plant-based products that do more than just imitate meat. These minimally-processed plant-based foods are made of ingredients that are rich in nutrition, such as tofu skin and shiitake mushrooms.

You’ll be pleased to know that several restaurants in Singapore have picked up Hoshay Food’s offerings and creatively incorporated them into dishes we’ve come to know and love. These new plant-based items will be launched on 22 April 2022 (unless otherwise stated), which just so happens to be Earth Day! What an apt way to show our support for our planet’s environment by reducing our meat consumption, which among other things, increases greenhouse gases and contributes to climate change.

To start you off this green adventure on Earth Day, here are 5 restaurants that use Hoshay Food’s products to create innovative plant-based dishes that’ll tempt you to try a flexitarian diet.

1. Tonichi Tsukemen

Photo of storefront

Ramen is my soul food and I have it pretty often, sometimes even once a week. There’s just something about creamy tonkotsu broth and springy ramen noodles which make for a comforting no-fuss meal. 

When I heard that Tonichi Tsukemen serves plant-based tsukemen, I knew I had to make a visit down to its outlet at Cross Street Exchange to give it a try.

Photo of plant-based tsukemen

Its Unagi Veggie Tsukemen (S$15.50) came with bouncy ramen noodles, a thin slice of plant-based unagi, and a bowl of veggie broth topped with green oil.

I learnt that Tonichi Tsukemen used Hoshay Food’s plant-based unagi for this dish, and even grilled it for that extra smoky touch.

Close up of plant-based noodles

I’ve got to say, the veggie broth was fantastic. The green oil was made of kale and basil, and gave a fresh earthiness that reminded me of pesto. As for the broth, it was rich and savoury, and I loved dipping my noodles and slurping it all up.

It does get a little salty, especially towards the end of the meal, but I suppose that’s typically how it is with tsukemen as the broth is more concentrated than regular ramen broth.

Photo of plant-based karaage

Fried chicken lovers, be sure to try Tonichi Tsukemen’s Crispy Karaage (3 pieces for S$7.95, 5 pieces for S$10.95). Made using Hoshay Food’s plant-based crispy fried chicken (which is made of tofu skin), the karaage came in generous thick pieces, almost like a hashbrown.

Close up of plant-based karaage

While it didn’t taste like chicken, it certainly also didn’t taste like tofu skin. I was impressed with the juicy meat, which tore apart easily like pulled pork, as well as the deep-fried crust, which was satisfyingly crispy.

20 Cross Street, Cross Street Exchange, #01-01, Singapore 048442
+65 8322 1570
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Closed on Sun
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2. Jollibean

Photo of Jollibean plant-based mushroom meatball
Credit – Jollibean

I’ve always found Jollibean to be one of my go-to places whenever I’m craving a quick yet satisfying bite. Its soymilk is silky smooth with just a touch of sweetness, while its dense pancakes are the perfect bite-sized snack, especially when layered with sweet or savoury fillings.

New to its menu is the Tomato Mushroom Meatball (S$9.90), a healthy snack made using Hoshay Food’s plant-based mushroom meatballs (which are made of shiitake mushrooms) and a special vegan-friendly sauce. This is a great option for those looking for healthier alternatives while cutting out rice or noodles, or for those simply looking for a vegan yet meaty option while on the go.

Here’s the best part: Jollibean is having a 1-for-1 promotion for this item. You can get it while stocks last at 10 of its outlets: Bukit Timah Plaza, IMM, FairPrice Hub, Mount Alvernia Hospital, NEX, Parkway Parade, Raffles Xchange, Rivervale Mall, Tanjong Pagar MRT and Great World City.

For a list of locations, contact numbers and opening hours, refer here.
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3. Fitthree

Photo of plant-based meatballs
Credit – Fitthree

Working from home has its perks, but I often find myself struggling with meals, especially on days when it’s inconvenient to head to the nearest kopitiam for lunch. That’s where food delivery services such as Fitthree fit in, so that busy workaholics such as myself can still enjoy restaurant-quality yet healthy food from the comfort of their homes.

What I really appreciate about Fitthree is that all its meals are carefully crafted and prepared by dieticians and chefs, so you can rest assured that not only will your meals be delicious, it’ll also be nutritious and well-balanced. Plus, not only do they deliver to your doorstep twice a week, you can also opt to pick up your meals at several popular gyms in Singapore, notably F45 Training and Body Fit Training.

Two of its newly launched meals, Chimichurri Meatballs and Konjac Spaghetti Meatballs (both priced at S$13.40 for the standard size or S$15.90 for XL size), feature Hoshay Food’s plant-based mushroom meatballs which are made of shiitake mushrooms and coconut oil. I’d certainly like to try the Konjac Spaghetti Meatballs as it offers a carb-free yet healthy meal, making my next trip to the gym all the more worth it.

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4. The Rebel Company Cafe & Bar

Photo of

Serangoon Garden is one of my favourite haunts because it’s a cosy area filled with plenty of good food. I discovered The Rebel Company Cafe & Bar on one of my usual visits and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they dish out a wide variety of Western, Japanese and Mexican food, and will expand its menu to include plant-based offerings from 1 May 2022 onwards.

Close up of quesadilla

I started out with its Grilled Chicken Quesadillas (S$14)

For starters, I couldn’t even tell that the “chicken” was made using Hoshay Food’s plant-based crispy fried chicken, which is made of tofu! The meat itself was tender with a juicy bite and resembled real chicken. I especially liked the plant-based cheese as it gave that smoky kick, while the tangy salsa lifted each bite with a hint of spice.

Photo of plant-based unagi rice bowl

Next, we tried The Rebel Company Cafe & Bar’s Unagi Donburi (S$19), which uses Hoshay Food’s plant-based unagi that’s created out of textured vegetable protein and seaweed.

The “unagi” was soft and buttery, and the savoury teriyaki sauce really helped to convince my taste buds that what I was eating was the real deal. The rest of the elements of the dish complemented each other well, with a nice juiciness from the cherry tomatoes, a well-needed crunch from the Japanese cucumbers, and a sourness from the pickles.

Photo of plant-based burger

Lastly, I tried its Mushroom Burger (S$17). This hefty burger utilised Hoshay Food’s plant-based mushroom patty, which is made of shiitake mushrooms and refined coconut oil.

You’ve got all your classic elements of a great cheeseburger: smoky cheese, nicely toasted bun, crunchy greens, and of course, a juicy patty. Even though this was clearly a non-meat patty, I still thoroughly enjoyed it because each springy bite was earthy, juicy and rich. 

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5. Southwest@Punggol

Photo of plant-based burger
Credit – Southwest@Punggol

Located at The Punggol Settlement, Southwest@Punggol is a Southern American-themed restaurant that not only offers a stunning view of Straits of Johor, but also a wide variety of western food and alcoholic drinks. Some of its popular dishes include the Kurobuta BBQ Pork Chop (S$36) and Beer Butt Sakura Chicken (S$36), with the latter featuring an entire smoked chicken sitting on a can of beer. 

While a good majority of its menu features roasted meats, vegetarians and health-conscious diners will be pleased to know that it’s launching three new plant-based dishes which feature Hoshay Food’s plant-based mushroom meatballs and mushroom patty: the Fried Vegan Mushroom (S$10), Vegan Meatball Marinara (S$14) and Vegan Mushroom Burger (S$14).

Sounds like a perfect guilt-free bite to snack on while admiring the uninterrupted view of the straits!

ChopeDeals: Save 50% at Southwest@Punggol

500 New Punggol Road, #01-11/12 The Punggol Settlement, Singapore 828617
+65 6244 3988
Daily: 11am – 10.30pm
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* This post was brought to you in partnership with Hoshay Food. To find out more about Hoshay Food, check out their Facebook, Instagram and website.

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