Huan’s Craving: You Won’t ‘Huan’ To Miss Out On This Clam Mee Sua & Other Fresh Seafood Dishes In Changi Road

Last Updated: September 8, 2017

Written by Cheryl Tan

Huan's Craving 11

Contrary to the name, Changi Road actually isn’t in Changi, which I was relieved to find out since I heard of this new restaurant that serves really good seafood dishes.

Huan’s Craving opened late June, and I’ve been seeing rave reviews about its clam mee sua. I knew I had to make my way down to try it since I absolutely love seafood.

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The owners are lovers of seafood as well, so they know how essential it is to get only the freshest ingredients. Their supplier delivers every other day, while the clams come in daily to ensure the best quality, which was something that could definitely be tasted in the food.

Huan's Craving 5

Starting off with Huan’s Clam Mee Sua ($8), there were around 20 shells on the plate, and they were of a decent size, not the small ones you might find outside. The clams were fresh and added a delicious sweetness, while the mee sua was cooked nicely with the flavour of the broth absorbed into the noodles.

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If you’re going in a group, I highly recommend Huan’s Sea Of Paradise ($40 for 2 pax, $68 for 4 pax, $108 for 6 pax, $168 for 10 pax). I ordered the dish for two people, but we couldn’t finish it because we had plenty of other dishes.

With a whole fish, clams, prawns and squid cooked to perfection in broth, you might overlook this for the clam mee sua, but trust me, you shouldn’t.

Huan's Craving 1

The broth is entirely different, and has a lot more dimension here, with the flavour of the fish, prawns and coriander shining through. The fish was fantastic, flaky and tender with no trace of fishiness at all – the decision to offer fresh seafood really does make a difference to the dishes.

Huan's Craving 7

The prawns and squid are also fresh and sweet, and I was impressed with how big and crunchy the prawns were. The same clams that were used in the clam mee sua from before made an appearance here as well.

Huan's Craving 10

I decided to take a short break from the seafood and went with the Hot & Crispy Mexican Chicken Wings ($8 for 5 pcs). It didn’t look all that spicy but oh boy, looks were certainly deceiving for this one. The sauce tasted sweet initially, but the heat built up gradually and by the time I had finished my first bite, the back of my throat was starting to burn.

The sauce tasted sweet initially, but the heat built up gradually and by the time I had finished my first bite, the back of my throat was starting to burn.

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Ask for the Beancurd Skin Prawn ($15, off menu) and enjoy the crisp skin and springy prawn filling. The filling is made entirely with prawns, so you can definitely taste the sweetness and freshness of the prawns, offset by the fried bean curd skin. The sweet mayo sauce was alright, but you shouldn’t miss the special chilli sauce that’s made by the lady boss.

With green and red chilli, chinchalok and chilli padi, the nice tanginess and spice will keep you coming back for more.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from, whether you’re dining alone or coming with a group of friends.

I feel that you would get the most value in a group if you get the Sea Of Paradise dish. Changi Road might be a little out of the way, but it’s definitely worth a trip down for the fresh seafood and delicious Clam Mee Sua.

Expected damage: $8 – $30 per pax

Huan’s Craving: 301 Changi Road, Singapore 419779 | Tel: +65 69049686 | Facebook | Opening hours: 11am – 10.30pm daily

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