Be in awe of Korean YouTuber who “cooks” with Legos

These days, anything that’s ASMR-related is deemed worthy to be viewed. It’s true because my algorithm on TikTok is filled with an abundance of cooking videos, ASMR videos, and the sudden appearance of tarot card readers who never fail to freak me out. So, when I came across a YouTube channel solely focusing on creating stop-motion food prep videos with Legos, I was excited to share it with you guys! 

lego egg cracking

‘I like home’ is run by a South Korean stop-motion creator who has over 200,000 subscribers—all presumably lovers of the art. I love all things related to Legos and ASMR so when I came across a video showcasing a combination of both, my inner child squealed with glee.

Stop-motion videos never fail to amaze me, from tiny cooking to now, cooking with legos. Something as simple as cracking an egg obviously went through a series of trials and errors to ensure a superb end product. Like all ASMR-related videos, they are therapeutic to watch too!

Collage of lego butter

What looks like a normal packet of ‘real butter’ is actually revealed as a stick of ‘Lego butter’, and if that doesn’t amaze you, I don’t know what will. Everything in a frame is as good as it looks, you will be able to tell that the creator has spent an exorbitant amount of time being meticulous and patient with his production of sheer brilliance.

lego raclette cheese with steak

I mean, check out the amount of detail that goes on into the videos; it’s admirable. I love how the creator not only decided to throw on a few brown Lego blocks to resemble a steak, but took the time and effort to portray the steak’s thickness, and layers too. If you’d like to watch more of this magnificent stop-motion creator at work, check out the ‘I Like Home’ YouTube channel here.

For now, I shall binge-watch a couple of his magical animations and continue to be impressed by the creator’s skills.

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