Get festive fare such as 8 Treasures Lotus Leaf Rice, CNY Platters , and more at IKEA

1 ‘fess up now—we’ve all been guilty of making a trip down to IKEA for their food instead of the furniture at least once. The popular Swedish furniture store has had an impressive variety of menu offerings thus far; there was the charcoal hotdog, lobster spaghetti, and more than I can remember.

Well, we’re in for a treat!

This festive season, IKEA has launched a lineup of festive fare, perfect to zhng up your reunion dinners.

a photo of lotus leaf rice

If you’re looking for something substantial, they’ve launched 8 Treasures Lotus Leaf Rice (S$8), which comes pre-steamed at IKEA’s restaurant outlets. Every bamboo-wrapped rice comes stuffed with juicy lup cheong, sliced shiitake mushrooms, fragrant chestnuts, and a whole salted egg yolk. If you’re a fan of lor mai gai, this one is the one to dig into.

A photo of kaya bun

To start 2022 on a tiger-rific note, opt for their Little Tiger Bun with Kaya Filling (S$2), an adorable steamed bun that boasts of a vibrant black-and-orange hue, complete with the cutest whiskers and even a tongue sticking out. Make sure you get a good shot or two before these get snatched up by the younger ones!

a platter of food from ikea

IKEA also has an all-encompassing CNY Platter Set (S$28.80) which will be perfect for smaller, intimate gatherings at home. This platter comes with Mala Pork Ribs, half a spring chicken, salmon fillet, five meatballs, and 5 vegetable ‘money bags’. All you gotta do is add on a couple of Little Tiger Buns, and you’re all set for the best Lunar New Year celebration yet.

Oh, and speaking of Mala Chicken Wings, IKEA also sells them a la carte for S$10 for 6pcs, ideal if you’ve got a couple of hungry tigers coming to visit. Eat, drink, and look forward to the most auspicious and prosperous of Chinese New Years!

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