IKEA celebrates 10th anniversary with the meatball-scented candle

If you don’t visit IKEA for the food (instead of the furniture), are you really Singaporean? I definitely called myself out with that one, but if you’re that friend everyone associates with the iconic blue and yellow logo, you’re gonna want to sit down for this one.

Ikea Meatball Candle
Credit – IKEA

In lieu of the 10th anniversary of IKEA’s loyalty programme, the company has created a gift called “Store in a Box”, which includes the universally-raved about meatballs…in candle form. Huvudroll, a candle that supposedly encapsulates the smell of the company’s signature meatballs. It seems like there is no better way to welcome your family home with the mouthwatering smells of meatballs that don’t exist.

Ikea Meatball Candle
Credit – IKEA

Since its introduction in the 80s, the Huvudroll meatballs have been sold in more quantities than any other IKEA product in all their ranges, a testament to their unfailing scrumptiousness that have satisfied the bellies of hungry fans for decades. Unfortunately, only US fans will get to enjoy these, and we’ll be eagerly awaiting our turn here in Singapore.

Lobster laksa pasta
Credit – IKEA Singapore

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If you’re currently drooling just thinking about the meatballs, allow me to tempt you further with IKEA’s new menu, featuring items such as the Half Lobster with Laksa Spaghetti (S$16.50). Take a little break from your healthy diet with a juicy claw-on half lobster served alongside a serving of spaghetti coated generously with laksa sauce.

Nacho fish & chips
Credit – IKEA Singapore

Another item that’s washed up upon our shores include Fish and Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce (S$7.90). I can confirm that this tastes exactly as good as it sounds—crispy battered fish fillet paired with thick-cut French fries and drizzled with golden nacho cheese sauce.

Go all out and treat your family with the Seafood Combo (S$29.90), which features the lobster with laksa spaghetti, salmon fillet with hollandaise sauce, 2pc chicken wings, and a slice of crunchy almond chocolate cake to end it all off on the sweetest of notes.

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