IKEA SG gets the sustainability ball rolling with new Plant Balls avail from 12 Oct

The moment I heard IKEA Singapore is bringing back its Plant Balls, the meatless version of their iconic meatballs on 12 October 2020, I clapped. In my head, this song started playing.

Ikea Plant Ball Online 1

IKEA places a lot of importance on the sustainability of their actions, taking care to use only cage-free chickens and sustainably fished seafood in their food. This new ball of vegetarian wonder boasts a climate footprint of only 4% of the meat version, and at the same price too. Starting from S$6.50, why not go for a more environmentally friendly and healthy option with the Plant Ball?

The Plant Ball is made with pea protein, potatoes, oats, onion and apple. With its juicy bite and umami flavours, I’m confident the Plant Ball will give the original meatballs a run for their money.

Ikea Plant Ball Online 2

To the vegetarians, say goodbye to feeling left out when everyone goes to IKEA for the meatballs while you can’t participate.

Also on the new menu that’s unrolling today are the Salted Egg Chicken Wings (S$9.50 for six) and the Breaded Chicken Cutlet With Salted Egg Sauce (S$8.90). These sound like they’re going to be really popular with the salted egg fans, even if it’s just for the sake of trying. They will be available only till 30 November 2020, so try them out while you can.

Finally, there’s also the Crayfish In Dill Brine (S$5) that was unveiled at the start of September and is set to last till 30 September 2020. I’d imagine a lot of people are going to be making more frequent trips to IKEA now.

Date & Time: Crayfish in Dill Brine and Salted Egg Chicken now available at IKEA restaurants till 30 September 2020 and 30 November 2020 respectively. Plant Balls available from 12 October 2020. 

Price: From S$6.50