Take A Bite Of Impossible Pork – Made Fully From Plants By Impossible Foods

If you were impressed with the famous Impossible Burger, wait till you hear what Impossible Foods just pulled off.

Impossible Foods Impossible Pork Online

In an attempt to create a more sustainable food system by 2035, Impossible Foods has come up with a new product—the Impossible Pork! This way, it will be easier for many countries to prepare dishes featuring pork to do so in a way that protects the Earth’s ecosystem.

Impossible Foods Impossible Pork Online 3

The technology behind this lies in heme, a molecule that is present in every animal and plant. Meticulously engineered, we have America’s top food-safety experts and peer-reviewed academic journals to thank for the advancement of the vegan industry.

Imagine if we had this mock pork in Singapore—vegans would have a wider selection of food. And who knows? Hawkers and restaurants may even incorporate Impossible pork into local favourites such as bak chor mee, char siew bao and xiao long bao.

The release date of the product has not been confirmed as of now, but the Impossible Croissan’wich featuring the Impossible Sausage will be made available at various Burger King outlets in the United States.

Impossible Foods Impossible Pork Online 2

Considering the smashing success in the Impossible Burger, I can safely say that I am truly excited for the Impossible Pork to hit the shores of our sunny little island.

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