Get nood safely with these Indomie-flavoured condoms

It’s April Fool’s Day, and I’m not entirely sure this is a joke. I do hope it is. We all know how much we love Indomie‘s Mee Goreng flavour; I mean, there was an unprecedented collective sorrow when the creator of Indomie unexpectedly passed away. Well, not like we ever needed any protection from the wonders of Indomie, but Fiesta Condoms Indonesia has other plans.

Mi-goreng condoms from Fiesta Indonesia Condoms

Introducing one of the most “Nobody Asked” things of 2021, here are these Indomie Mi Goreng-flavoured condoms. I know, just when you think the Indomie craze has quelled, the world surprises you with another Indomie-inspired thing to remind you otherwise. If you’re wondering about the mastermind behind these uniquely-flavoured condoms, it is none other than the birthplace of Indomie, Indonesia.

You know, in 2021, we are always for safe-sex, and these condoms do take it to a whole new level. Let’s take a look at some of their wares, and first up is definitely the classic Indomie Mi Goreng. You’ve got to love their attention to detail. Even the box looks like a packet of Indomie.

Coffee flavoured condoms from Fiesta Indonesia Condoms

Alright, I hear you. Stop with Indomie already. True to their name, Fiesta Condoms Indonesia knows how to party. How about these coffee-flavoured ones because how else are you going to get your caffeine fix?

A little sensitive to coffee? I know, me too. Plus, you know what experts say about having too much coffee. To really turn up the heat in the bedroom, here are these Spicy Cimol-flavoured condoms for all kinds of risqué activity *winks*.

There’s a part of me that wonders the validity of these new-fangled flavours. Seeing as today is ye ole April Fool’s Day, we could be in for an excellent laugh or perhaps it’s time to experiment in the bedroom. Either way, there are no losers in this situation.

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