Now There is Jollibean Beetroot You Tiao for Your Fritter Fix Till 31 Aug

Get ready for some fritter goodness! Jollibean is serving up Singapore’s first Beetroot You Tiao (dough fritters) in collaboration with You Tian Man. From now till 31 August 2020, head to selected Jollibean outlets to get your share of Beetroot You Tiao (S$1.50 a la carte).

You Tiao, sometimes called the Chinese fried churro, is a popular local favourite in breakfasts, snacks and desserts. Made of two long strips of dough deep-fried to golden-brown, it is a guilty pleasure for all its salty, oily, crunchy and airy goodness.

Jollibean Beetroot Youtiao Onine 1

Personally, I think the combination of You Tiao and soybean milk is a match made in heaven. The smooth soy milk coupled with the crunchy and chewy fritter makes for such a comforting breakfast.

I remember one of the best times I’ve had that was on a trip to Taiwan. We’d just arrived in the early morning, and the hotel receptionist directed us to where we could have what he called a ‘traditional Taiwanese breakfast’.

The streets were pretty empty at that hour but the little corner street-stall was already bustling with life. Sure enough, the You Tiaos, almost measuring to the length of my arm, paired perfectly with the warm soy milk.

Jollibean Beetroot Youtiao Online 2

I’m so glad Jollibean is offering this special Beetroot You Tiao and soy milk combo now. This savoury indulgence shows off two strips of fritters, with one side infused with 100% beetroot powder. Who would’ve thought a superfood could marry a guilty pleasure like that?

I can’t wait to relive my holiday breakfast experience with Jollibean’s Beetroot You Tiao and soy milk set (S$2.90). If you aren’t too keen on leaving the house, you can also get your fix at You Tiao Man’s online store, albeit sans soy milk.

Date & Time: Now available at selected Jollibean outlets and You Tiao Man’s online store till 31 August 2020

Price: S$1.50 for a la carte, S$2.90 with soy milk at Jollibean, S$5.80 for eight mini pieces at You Tiao Man